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A Call to Remember
A Call to Remember

Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick is a channel for the Light Beings that guide humanity toward its higher purpose. She is clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. In 1989 she experienced a spontaneous awakening, and since that time has been serving as a bridge between the two worlds—two dimensional planes—by helping people to understand who they truly are. Fitzpatrick’s personal mission is to push the envelope of what’s possible when we forgive ourselves and embrace oneness.

"Carol Fitzpatrick provides a very enlightened and guided tour of our global shift in consciousness... a must read!"
Malia Scanlan, Global Designs, LLC "Transforming Organizations, Industries, and Leaders"


A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World merges the heart with the mind by providing the esoteric understanding of the purpose of the soul's journey here on earth with how we can transcend current day events.

A Call to Remember is for everyone who has ever wanted to be free—free from the struggle and the strife that comes with fighting off the forces of nature which drive us to create our lives without passion, without joy. By calling forth a truer sense of self, we become the change we so desire for others. We reconnect with the knowing of who we truly are. If you are looking for all the right answers in all the right places, know that you have arrived. A Call to Remember will help you to get back to home, back to center, back to the truth of who of you truly are.

A Call to Remember is written in the spirit of empowering you to make what ever changes are necessary to realize your greatest potential. As you wake-up to joy, and realize that you, too, can start living in the miracle of life by choosing to listen to your heart, you are adjoining with others to shift global consciousness.

Fitzpatrick narrates a very different view of thee probable realities that we are playing out today while telling the story of how others have already made their choice to realize their highest expression, and how you can too. All it takes is a choice to follow your heart, and by doing so will inspire others to do the same.

Like a domino affect, you'll learn how your choice to listen to your heart will create the tipping point for transforming the world’s geo-political structures (leadership), economics, environment, healthcare, and family systems. A Call to Remember provides the tools to transform or transcend anything in your life. After you begin to realize the amazing potential of living life in “flow mode”, you will find your life transformed and by doing so shift will the paradigm of tomorrow’s world today.

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"[A Call to Remember] affected me deeply. I felt energies and angels and light and truth every time I sat down to read it... those sensations felt so right, fulfilling, elevating..."
--BW McConnell



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