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"We have incarnated to exponentially shift global consciousness by first fully awakening to love in its purest form then by modeling the new paradigm of oneness consciousness.This mass awakening can be felt by an inner prompting to drop all forms of inner hatred and to fully embrace freedom."
—by Carol Fitzpatrick


"Carol Fitzpatrick has extraordinary gifts that she shares for the benefit of humankind. She dwells with the highest energies and bridges the worlds in a unique and profound way. She raises my vibration and gives wings to my world with the wisdom she transmits from the beyond. She brings peace and great joy to my heart." — Donna Gary, Washington, DC




"I help people to sense and see the subtle life force that supports their higher life path, their soul's expression here on earth. I teach them, through direct experience, how to fully open to all the good that is there for them to embrace. This often times takes great courage to leave the familiar fear-based patterns behind in favor of joyous expansion. With practice and the support of a loving community, miracles become an integral part of their lives."

About Carol Fitzpatrick

CAROL FITZPATRICK is an internationally known seer who serves as a channel for higher consciousness. She is an insightful teacher, mentor and guide. As a visionary and global community builder, her teachings center on opening the heart for living in the new paradigm of oneness consciousness. She is the author of two books and a monthly e-zine.

Her dharma or selfless service is the advocation of a new form of global activism - the joy of inner peace: Inner peace is steeped in oneness consciousness. Her teachings evolved around living from the heart as a way to shift life-long patterns created by misguided beliefs and perceptions toward a climate that is less polarized and more harmonious.

Her teachings and transformational practices have taken form as spiritual mentoring, energetic healing, and group activations. As a part of her personal transformational work, she helps people to sense and see the subtle life force that supports their higher life path, their soul's expression here on earth. She teaches from direct knowing and models this knowing by an experiential learning process designed to open the heart and shift one's awareness away from separation toward a more harmonious state of wellbeing.

The global activation work comprises energetic and sound healing. She is partnered with husband and partner Mark Torgeson, a healer, classically trained pianist and sound healer. Their work together has evolved into a world service organization called Center for Planetary Awakening.

The precurser to her teachings began in 1989, when she unravelled the mysteries of a transformation that took her deep into the mystical realms of the Divine. In 2001, she wrote her first book, Fear Not My Child. Emerging from the Spiral of Fear, as a way to document her awakening experience and the teachings that came forth during that time.

By late 2003, as she began to share her gifts with others, the global energy patterns emerged. Her understanding and the pivital part the individual plays in creating the quantum leap for the turning point in human consciousness became clear and by 2006, she felt called to write a second book. A Call to Remember. Follow Your Heart, Change the World was published in Oct. 2008. She writes a monthly message that supports the work of world servers called Light Streamings.

Prior to 2000, her career path was in advertising design and publishing.

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