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"We are never to underestimate the power of love to flow through even the most immobile reality creations.
Love is a powerful force because it is the very essence of who we are. Joy is the fuel. Love is the essence. Allow love to guide you in all matters of the heart and you will be led to joyful creations. Yes. It is that simple." - Carol

"Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson are the very fabric of cultivating global awareness of higher consciousness while embracing the quantum scientific paradigm shift that we are all one. Carol and Mark are cosmic way-makers as they play and create spontaneously with spirit through multi-venues such as workshops, Mark's musicality, Carol's monthly new letter - Light Streamings, and her book Fear Not My Child. It is a mind bending, heart remembering experience to attend an event and watch, listen and participate as Carol co-creates with spirit to weave, light, love, truth, peace and joy into the messages she shares with her audience from spirit." -Krystal Fenn


The Five Secrets
Community Activation: Chicago, IL (Sept. 29 & 30)


This activation built on the energy and the deep levels of clearing that was done by a group of people who came together to co-create in Richmond in June 07. They laid the groundwork for what occurred in the second Activation that took place in Chicago at the end of Sept. 07.

In Chicago, finding ourselves working with a remarkable group of women, the Guides took us all through a process of healing the breech from what they called THE TELLING OF FIVE SECRETS. These secrets have been withheld from humanity for eons. Here, now are the Secrets, and their significance for global healing and transformation.

THE PARTICIPANTS. We are all coming from star cultures, other star tribes, representing other galaxies of light. We were representing our particular star culture. In this process that occurred in the first part of the second day, one woman was called into the center to anchor the light. She represented an aspect of the Divine Feminine. Each of the five others were called into a matching or mirroring with the anchor one by one, while the others held the space, and grounded the energy as it came in, or helped to balance out the vibration that was moving through all of us.

Quotes from the Guides are identified by name. Quotes from participants are set apart in quotes but not identified by name to protect their privacy.

THE CONFIGURATION. The configuration started out in a cross. One stood behind the anchor to keep her grounded and steady. Two were positioned to each of her sides. This formed the upper portion of the cross. The others single filed were facing her and formed a line that extended the to complete the cross formation. I was not aware of the specific significance for bringing in the light this way, and did not ask. With the telling of each successive secret, we all intuitively moved into the places that kept the energy most aligned.

Mark and I kept the process moving. I channeled to the participants the Guides’ instructions, while Mark channeled his energy through the sounds, tones, and music.

Now, The telling of the Secrets:


Two star tribes separated and hid the light
Coming back together as one. Healing the breech from hiding the truth from humanity.

The planet was seeded with a particular lightwave frequency, souls that were being seeded with a particular vibration, came in to the areas of Jerusalem, and Ethiopia, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, all areas that populated the ancient tribes of the middle east.

There were two star cultures that were charged with bringing light into the planet in its most purified form. One was called Syria, or the Sirius star system, a huge race of light beings. And the Pleadieans. (Christ came through the Pleadiean system to the earthen plane). Over time the human species began to look at these people (light beings in human form) as gods. Then the two star cultures split off and went through the [incarnational] way of the Egyptian culture and the other [the Pleadieans] went through the tribes of the Essenes and eventually incarnated through the royal bloodlines of Europe.

The telling of the first secret was that the light had been split long ago when these first light beings were seeded as souls. The task at hand was to bring the two lineages together. The Guides spoke to us that "The division has to be healed."

Two light cultures: There were thousands upon thousands of souls that were seeded but few survived the corruption of the earthen plane at the time of the seeding. And our promise was to keep our hearts pure. There were many influences on the planet, and it was very difficult to maintain this purity of our light. These two lineages were charged with guarding the Covenant. But that didn’t happen. Each went their own separate way. The Pleadieans took their teachings underground. The others went by Egypt and took those teachings underground.

The revealing of the first secret was the first step to bringing the separate, fragmented parts of the light back together again. The Divine Feminine anchor was from Sirius B, the other from the Pleadiean star system. The recognition by both was that there was not one way to align with Source.

"Come back down and through to connect with source. Go back down through the tunnel. I know the passage way through."

Through our incarnations, we created secret codes to keep the pureness of light safe. As we have continually reincarnated, (those who hold the most light), we were being persecuted. Therefore, over time we learned that in order to keep our light undistorted while also passing the secret on the next generation, to create secret codes and go underground to practice anchoring the light.

So with the telling of the first secret it was time to allow the adjoining of two lineages, two star races, to finally come back together as one purified light. The Guides told us, "Know that you are not going to be persecuted any more. You are free."

We had become confused because we surrendered to the density of the earthen plane. But now it is over. The encodings were held in our hands. The Covenant was the secret of the light. Throughout history, there was the feeling that humanity was not ready to receive the purity of light. There was some concern that humanity would use the power against one another, and they did. But now it is time. Many of these same star cultures have been warring, but now the war is over. The truce has been called, but many star cultures have not yet received the message. It will take awhile for people to understand that the war is over.

Healing Technology. Using disease to control
Correcting the breech that caused disease.

Now that there was a realigning of the two star cultures, it set the way for all to align with wholeness. The star cultures are no longer to control humanity by keeping them separate. When humanity stayed separate she created disease. When you think of humanity in terms of vibration it all starts to make sense. Our commodity trading might be money but the commodity of star cultures is vibration. And in the early days, the star cultures fractionalized humanity to harvest vibration to take back to their star systems. So disease has been by the star systems to keep humanity fractionalized.

This being [the second person who stood opposite the person who served as the anchor for the Divine Feminine] holds the key to releasing all light. We are ready to activate those beings who hold the knowledge, the Guides told us. Align with Source. The secret can now be told, and anyone aligned with source can now wipe it from your mind, and feel your way into the alignment with Source. By doing so, as a group, we were magnifying that feeling of alignment and by so doing, we could send that ray, the light, out into all of humanity.

The two participants in the center of the human cross configuration began to speak a native star language to one another.

Carol recounted watching a blue wall of light, five beings hovering over one's head, a spinning formation over her head. They were activating the grid of light that has to do with waking up an entirely new body or population of healers; those who know how to do this work. It is the changing of the formation of how to do the work that took place in the activation, the telling of the secret. The way we heal now will no longer be effective. This new way will now be accessible in a few years.

Through her Seventh Soul star, this whole population of healers were being activated through her. Other healers with the same matrix as she were being activated. These healers may not feel it but they’ve got it. It was a global activation. The fall out from that is the aligning. What we are going to find is that individuals who do not want to align with Source are going to have to transition from the physical.

The healing of the breech shifts the alignment of the planet to allow people to open their hearts to feel the truth. Once you feel the truth, then the choice at the point is to align with the truth. And when you are fully aligned, disease cannot exist.

Every star being has this activation inside of them and its up to the star being to awaken and to activate the human part of the self. We are the higher consciousness of the body. The star being inside of us is charged with waking up the full spectrum of consciousness that resides within us.


The Two Facets of the Divine Feminine
Bringing Truth and Compassion back together again.

Two mirror images of the Divine Mother came together as one. The two faces of the Divine Mother, as represented by the two who now stood face to face. Truth and compassion split a very long time ago. Some of the star tribes rallied around Truth and the others around Compassion. This division caused deep fear to spread throughout humanity. And the two have to come back together. Without compassion, you have hatred and violence against the Self. The Angels told us that, "There have been tears for humanity in the higher realms, weeping for the pain that has been inflicted upon humanity."

The energy we were bringing in was going out around the globe and filing hearts everywhere with light, to those who have a broken heart.

Part of what they said was to go shoulder to shoulder. Because you were bringing in so much energy together, the sense was to get everyone together to bring in the light. That was a very powerful coming together because the healing of the breech was representing the soul pain of humanity.

It’s now finished. It will take awhile for people to realize but there is no more fuel for that hatred. They will come to a point for those who have the most hatred in their heart will say that they have no more energy or motivation for such.


Gaia. Removal of the sword to her heart
Healing the breech between the higher realms and the lower.

Our work was the taking of the sword from heart of Gaia. The removal of the sword from the core of the earth was part of the original breech that occurred when the light (from the higher light beings) came down with the promise to bring the light from the higher realms into the lower. They were to have honored the same sacred laws that guide all beings that are guided when they are in the higher. But those laws were broken. And when the laws were broken, Gaia began to suffer. With that, the ways of humanity started to totally shift away from honoring Mother Nature. Mother Nature is comprised of the higher realms. The plants and the animals comprise some of the highest vibrational frequencies of the galaxy. But the promise that they made was to practice non-interference. So humanity has been basically trashing her earthbound home.

The regeneration cycles, in the core of the earth are there but cannot be accessed with this deep wound almost striking into her core. That was what we removed. By removing the sword from the heart of Gaia, we were there to heal the breech and to bring back honor—it’s the sustainability piece—to help humanity to realize that Gaia is her home.

Of course we couldn’t have done that without the healing of the breech of those first three secrets. The fourth was the most critical for the earthen plane of existence. Frankly without that we could not have helped to move the earth in to a higher plane of existence so that the healing can begin.

"We are one breath. We share the same memories."

In the not too distant future, it will become almost common place for people to talk about the spirits of Mother Nature, and the animal kingdom, and recognize that there is life beyond the five senses. That was also opened up by the telling of the forth secret.

"Both the bodies on the planet and the planet herself is a part of the arch of the Covenant. The deep formation, the crystal beds and rocks has a reflection in our own bodies. There are portals within everywhere that exist these structures, within the planet, within us. And we can create anything we want by being in touch with that."

We will start to see more and more of the stone people used in ritual and the accessing of knowledge from the rock formations.


Humanity and Fear
Letting go of the control of humanity by star tribes

We first started the telling of the five secrets healing the breech of the two original star tribes who were charged with holding the undistorted light within the earthen plane but who instead splintered off and went underground, thus leaving humanity vulnerable to continued cycles of control and manipulation by marauding star tribes.

The telling of the final secret was to liberate humanity from these warring star tribes by recognizing that the star being having the human experience and the human being living on earth are to create as one.

The telling of this final secret mended the feeling of the separateness and alienation from one another—that of not having an understanding that we all come from the same Source. This confusion occurred because information was hidden from both all along. How can there be union when the part of the picture has been missing all along?

The telling of the final secret was the pronouncement by the higher realms that the war is over. It’s time to put down the guns and violence. And it is time to mend hearts. As the participants brought in enormous walls of light, I was watching the pockets of hatred around the world; through the energy patterns that were changing. The energy patterns on the human grid reveal humanity’s destiny lines. I was watching the destiny lines change and transform. I was seeing different sectors of the world shift and move: mass migration of children, and new structures being created.

"I spoke that is was now time to walk from her head to her heart. We will walk together. Vulnerability and trust are one. Vulnerability and Truth are one. Vulnerability and strength are one. I felt like I was walking down a path with her and that would be liberation of all of humanity."

As we moved through this alchmical process, others were holding sacred space and guided to move into various positions to help with the light coming in with each adjoining. One acted as the grounding rod, and others moved and shaped the space at will.

Following the telling of the five secrets one by one, the five who were activated then went around the room to activate the others.

Deep appreciation goes out to all those who participated in this activation, and to those who held the sacred space for this to occur.

Carol Fitzpatrick


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