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"We are never to underestimate the power of love to flow through even the most immobile reality creations.
Love is a powerful force because it is the very essence of who we are. Joy is the fuel. Love is the essence. Allow love to guide you in all matters of the heart and you will be led to joyful creations. Yes. It is that simple." - Carol

"Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson are the very fabric of cultivating global awareness of higher consciousness while embracing the quantum scientific paradigm shift that we are all one. Carol and Mark are cosmic way-makers as they play and create spontaneously with spirit through multi-venues such as workshops, Mark's musicality, Carol's monthly new letter - Light Streamings, and her book Fear Not My Child. It is a mind bending, heart remembering experience to attend an event and watch, listen and participate as Carol co-creates with spirit to weave, light, love, truth, peace and joy into the messages she shares with her audience from spirit." -Krystal Fenn


Empowering Your Heart to Change the World

Circle groups are for activating soul-level awareness that can only be accessed through the heart, for healing the emotional body, and for learning how to connect more completely, and to honor the truth of who we are.
Learn to:
Listen with a clear intention of understanding the voice of the soul
Gain clarity of purpose
Practice focused appreciation
Shift from mind to heart-centered living
Receive group support for holding one’s center
Align with oneness consciousness

WORKSHOPS (Activating Soul-level Consciousness)

One-Day Intensive

The day includes experiential group and partnered exercises,
guided visualization and movement.

We are here, now, in this world to shift the global consciousness toward a more perfect balance. This balance is created or realized when enough of the world’s population makes the shift from mind to heart. The shift to a more ideal society comes from the individual’s experience of joy and fulfillment of hearts desire.

The new paradigm of global consciousness is fueled by the power of the individual to call forth vast changes in our global economy, quality of life, healthcare, equal access to housing and education, to name just a few.

No longer are we to wait on the will of one for the sake of many. We understand that true personal happiness comes about when growing numbers are present and participating in building new paradigm social, political, and environmental solutions.

Questions that we will ask (and answer) during our time together will be:
Where are you in this continuum, between the paradigm of “follow the leader” and the new “follow your heart”?
How can you tell when you are in the mind and not in heart?
What is your path and purpose in the new paradigm way of creating?
How can you determine your path in life when the way ahead seems so confusing?

In this workshop, we will share ideas and strategies for moving the mind to a place of honor and respect before calling forth the heart. Once we are in the heart, and are allowing our imagination to be our guide, the rest will be a flow. Experiencing life in flow mode is the very first step to understanding the new paradigm.

By the end of the day, you will walk away with:
• a clearer understanding of your life path;
• experience the new paradigm of joyousness;
• how to hold your center in times of radical change;
• how to make absolutely any and all decisions that honor your heart path;
• how to deeply listen and receive guidance on what is yours to do; and
• how to recognize any self-diminishing pattern (a pattern is created by any perpetual and re-occurring thought, word and deed) that has created a life situation that you don’t want, and how to transform any pattern into what you do want.

Deepening Your Intuition (one-day intensive)
This mentored session is designed for those who are working to enhance their intuitive skill-sets in service to others. We will share insights, strategies for deeper levels of trust, how to transform your inner sight as you are called to serve others. This will call forth fuller scopes of intuition by learning what and how to ask, and how to interpret what you are given. Learn how to develop a strong inner knowing. Learn by doing. Take back tools for continued opening.

"There are those among us who are called to speak truth to the others—to see, to hear, to feel the energy patterns of what is. As we open to receive the very grace of God that we are, we are preparing to discover our very own Self! And so it shall be."

Tools for Shifting Global Consciousness
(multiple hour or full-day workshops w/Q&A)
Learn how individual and group energy patterns are formed and how you can change anything about your past, present or future life today. Learn how to step into non-linear time and see where and how to shift the patterns before you arrive or to heal and transform what was. Then experience the power and force of light that you are as you call those patterns back to you now. This practice takes great courage but by doing so, you are adjoining with others who are changing the face of our human family. What is the first step? To remember who you truly are. Once you do, the rest is simple. All it takes is a willingness to let go of the outer defenses and allow your heart to lead the way. Are you ready?

During our time together, Fitzpatrick will offer you a compelling reason to make that choice now based upon the mental pictures that she has seen on every level of our global economic, social, political, and environmental energetic map. The patterns, whether global or personal, are easy to spot and shift once you become aware. Learn how you too can transform your life and by doing so serve as a catalyst for shifting the entire grid of human consciousness.

Carol Fitzpatrick is a modern-day mystic, author and healer who has been teaching and mentoring new paradigm leaders for the past 25 years. Her presentations, workshops and Circle Groups are based on her newest book, A Call to Remember: Follow Your Heart, Change the World.

To bring a CIRCLE GROUP, WORKSHOP OR ACTIVATION event to your community, just send an email to or call: 540-785-7770.

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