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Living the Miracle

"We are never to underestimate the power of love to flow through even the most immobile reality creations.
Love is a powerful force because it is the very essence of who we are. Joy is the fuel. Love is the essence. Allow love to guide you in all matters of the heart and you will be led to joyful creations. Yes. It is that simple." - Carol

"Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson are the very fabric of cultivating global awareness of higher consciousness while embracing the quantum scientific paradigm shift that we are all one. Carol and Mark are cosmic way-makers as they play and create spontaneously with spirit through multi-venues such as workshops, Mark's musicality, Carol's monthly new letter - Light Streamings, and her book Fear Not My Child. It is a mind bending, heart remembering experience to attend an event and watch, listen and participate as Carol co-creates with spirit to weave, light, love, truth, peace and joy into the messages she shares with her audience from spirit." -Krystal Fenn


Activation Events

Start Living the Miracle by transforming your life. As you do, you'll be joining others who are shifting global consciousness.

Videos: About LtM Activation

About LtM

We are one family—one family of humanity. We are united in thought, word and deed as we align with purity of heart. We recognize that all actions engendered by theimagtination and empowered by the joy of inner peace are the way that we are exponentially shifting global consciusness. This shift in our collective awreenss is the very essence of transforming the human spirit.


Living the Miracle
(LtM) serves as a catalyst for creating the turning point in a quantum leap in human consciousness. We do so by modeling the new paradigm of humanity. We are compassionate and joyful. We make personal choices that reflect basic human values that honor and respect all living things.

Through our direct knowing, we mentor, activate, facilitate and educate others as we heal and transform ourselves. We forward our mission by:

1) providing safe and supportive environments for engaging the individual's desire to transform. We model the new paradigm by honoring the individual's ability to recognize the power of the human spirit for creating a renewed sense of purpose in the world;

2) teaching simple transformative tools and sharing group processes for empowering the individual's continued expansion through workshops, retreats, festivals, and special events;

3) advocating a new form of global activism by modeling how to entrain to purity of heart in the context of small circle groups, which serve as the support and catalyst for strengthening and expanding the awareness of the human spirit;

4) maintaining a global network that includes a social network, online journal, forum, internat-based radio and television station, and knowledge base including the sale of products and services that aide others in forwarding their desire to contribute to the shift in global consciousness; and

5) initiating special projects in a way that is self-empowering, self-actualizing with outcomes that are exponential because all creations, projects, products and services are peer supported.


global conversationsLM Monthly Group Healing Sessions
Come together with others who are deepening their sense of Self. Experience energetic healing and tranformational practices that come when one is fully aligned with purity of heart. Become the change you desire for the world with joyful blessings for all.

butterflySkill-building Workshops
Learn nine simple steps to living in the flow of grace. Check events for a workshop in your area.

ActivateThree-Day Intensives & Retreats

Take the the LM sessions and one-day intensives and add community. Retreats are not only for deeper levels of immersion into the Self but also for building community with other new paradigm leaders. Retreats are a time for birthing your dreams into reality in an open, supportive environment.

Global Activism
Come together to network, and explore heart-centered ways of building new structures and processes to help humanity move toward a brighter more expansive future. Check events for local listings.

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Join the Network
Social Networking Site.
Join in dialog, circle groups, network to form bonds with others for personal growth, projects and global harmony. Please check back for future listings.

Living the Miracle list serve: The LM list serve offers a supportive environment for dialog & resources sharing. Open to those who have attended the LM Sessions, Community Activation, Intuitive workshops and Global Conversations:  Join the Living-the-Miracle List Serve by sending an email to me. In the subject line, put "SUPPORT," and I'll send you a link to get in. Send me an email through the Contact Us tab above.

To bring a LIVING THE MIRACLE Activation Event to your community, just send an email to or call: 540-785-7770.