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"We are here now to help humankind to shift into higher vibrational frequencies of light. As you learn to transcend the lower levels of hate and violence, we shall be there to help you. We are the Angelic Realms united. We are here to help you to change the course of human history. Are you ready?"

Everything "clicked."  The information that the three individuals in the [event] gave me clicked with what I have been experiencing.  I have come a looooong way from the first time I met you!  Now I need a real big push to get there.

C.L, Maryland

We stand at a crossroad. Many of us on this planet are confused, angry and fearful. Carol stands as a beacon to those of us who are seeking enlightenment of the conscious mind and the spirit. When I had my first reading with Carol in 2005 I had a general idea of my life's purpose but I was fearful to perform it. During that session and subsequent ones I was able to identify the roots of my fear and transform it. I now know who and what I am, what I am to do and how to do it. As a result of this understanding I stand on this beautiful earth in the vibration of love and joy and peace. I urge all people in need to avail themselves of Carol's light." —Tree, La Mesa, California



Events are continually updated; please check back throughout the month.

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Friday, August 31

7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
DNA Activation / Light Codes

Join us for an evening of a deep immersion into the light of God that we already are. We'll be free forming it as we usually do with the Guides in charge: Channeled guidance, Q & A, meditation, sound healing and music for opening the heart and dreaming the dream of your soul's calling into creation.

For those of you who will be attending the Saturday workshop, when you sign up, I will send you special instructions for using this evening for the opening as the intuitive process we will be building on for Saturday.
Sign-up online or come as you are.
FEE: $35


September 1, Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
(please arrive by 9:45 a.m. so that we can begin promptly at 10.)

It's Time to Shine Your Light.

WORKSHOP: Are you in touch with your heart's desire but are at a loss who to turn to or what resources are available or even the steps to take to take to turn your dream into the reality you sense or feel inside? Perhaps you have found your calling but just can't seem to get off the ground and get moving. Or you are already delivering your message but you just know that things can be moving along at a more accelerated pace.

Saturday's experience is designed to get your mind totally connected to and listening to your heart. You will engage in an intuitive mind to heart, heart to soul dialog for the purpose of clarifying your calling, your message, your timing, platform, and path of support for anchoring your light into the physical.

Mind to Heart, Heart to Soul dialoging is vibrationally supported by intentionally created sound and music. You will do this deep work against the backdrop of guided imagery and intentionally created frequencies of sound for giving your visions your own unique voice and direction needed to fulfill your life's work.

No prior experience needed. Open to all.

FEE: $150 / Includes Friday night and Saturday, light refreshments. Lunch is on your own.
Or optional Saturday only: $125.


Fall Retreat / Global Light Summit
Black Mountains near Asheville, NC

Soul Path and Purpose / Soul Coaching / Life Transition Guidance
One-on-one sessions are for taking an intimate look at your soul's path and purpose, especially as to how the patterns that shape the choice-points. Choice-points are "Y's" in the road of life when you are being prompted to transform or transcend a life-pattern for the purpose of opening your heart and anchoring more love, joy and peace into your life. Average time is 60-90 minutes and are offered by appointment only. Please call 540.785.7770 or send an email to request an appointment.

Sessions are provided by phone or Skype and are recorded and emailed to you as an mp3 or CD.
By appointment only. 540-785-7770 or please send an email stating 3 choices of days and best time of day will work for you.

Energetic and Sound Healing, our global mission ~ www.onenessofbeing.org
Social Network ~ www.planetaryawakening.ning.com


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