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"We grow to understand that love is within us, flows through us and becomes us, but sometimes we are afraid to admit the truth of who we Truly are." --Carol Fitzpatrick

In my life, after working with many clear channels, I still have never experienced such life changing energy as I have with Carol and her guidance. Her ability as a medium for an energy that works in such a profound, transformative way is incredible. I am eternally grateful for her work and dedication to creating a global shift. I can truly say that my own shift into a higher consciousness has been dramatically affected by Carol's work with her guidance and the angelic kingdom. The truth has always been delivered to me in a direct, powerful way.
Jessica Ahlers, Santa Fe, New Mexico



Personal Transformation is the Only Way
to Shift Global Consciousness

About Subtle Energy and the Activation Process
Vibrational healing, energy medicine, soul activation... are all descriptives of profound energies that dramatically shift our reality, heal our bodies, and awaken our souls. These very highly refined vibrations are now accessible to everyone. In my experience, all it takes is an open heart and a willingness to channel grace from one person to another. This is the very act of selfless service, which is the very essence of new paradigm of leadership.

As above so below. During these sessions, we are totally immersed in the knowing as we call forth grace as a collective light to shift global consciousness and within each person present,  but not without the help and guidance of the angels and master teachers who lavish their love and direction upon us. It's intense emotional, mental and physcial clearing and activation. Everyone helps and everyone gets their time for healing. Experience soul-level consciousness through Light, sound, and movement.


The Living the Miracle (LtM) is a simple yet powerful experiencial process that utilizes sound and intention to align with your soul’s purpose. LtM teaches you how to identify your heart as the center of your soul’s intelligence in a human body. LtM teaches you how to let go of the masks and the stories that are created by the mind that cause all suffering. It's a way to understand your innate wisdom by teaching you how to listen to the inner stillness that guides you, and to clarify your life’s purpose.

People who have adopted these nine steps to living in the flow of grace have reported life-changing results.

• Align with Truth. Open your heart and listen to our intuition

• Forgiveness. Start from where you are in life and let the rest go.

• Allowing of what is. Live in the moment.

• Imagination. Dream really big.

• Gratitude. Appreciate life in all its glory.

• Passion. Let joy be your guide.

• Transformation. Give back and receive the blessing.

• Acceptance. Shine your light.

• Grace. Live the Miracle.

To learn more, explore theTopics or click on Teachings for find more information on personal transformation. For an up-to-date listing on the LIVING THE MIRACLE OR INTUITIVE workshops above, check events. To learn more about ways to get involved in this deeply personal and integrated work in the context of community, click on the Activation button above.