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"We are never to underestimate the power of love to flow through even the most immobile reality creations.
Love is a powerful force because it is the very essence of who we are. Joy is the fuel. Love is the essence. Allow love to guide you in all matters of the heart and you will be led to joyful creations. Yes. It is that simple." - Carol


Carol, the joy that you speak of is incredibly apparent in you. You clearly are one that "walks the walk" of your teachings. But even more, the light that you're channeling is visible. It was incredibly heartening to not only hear your words and Mark's music together, but also to be able to see AND feel the words, the vibrations and the intent. This is what makes your teachings together all the more inspiring. I feel blessed to partake in your vibrational dance.
—Sheila, Washington, DC

I realized while listening to you how deep my hunger is to experience higher realms of creation. You allowed us a glimpse into other wondrous realities by sharing your experiences. Your talk was like a catalyst for me that will enable me to move more easily into the higher realms that have been opening up to me lately. For that, I am immensely grateful. Many blessings to you.
—Patricia, Leesburg, Virginia

Press Kit

"I have attended several seminars given by Carol Fitzpatrick and I was blown away by her ability to bring forth the light out of each person who attends. She is truly guided by a larger presence and has a message that can help anyone live an easier, more fulfilled, joyous life. Carol is destined for a much larger stage."
Martha Randolph Carr, author of A Place to Call Home

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