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"We grow to understand that love is within us, flows through us and becomes us, but sometimes we are afraid to admit the truth of who we Truly are." --Carol Fitzpatrick




Tools for Transformative Living
Tele-sessions (non-local mentoring)

Dec. 11: Living in the Miracle—Introduction to the Topics (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Learn how to witness your own miracles. Author provides you with proven practical tools for transforming any fear into joy. Miracles are happening all around us and within us. Learn how you can create the life of your dreams, and not get caught up in the confusion. Based on book by the author, Fear Not My Child.

* Learn specific tools for creating the life you so desire
* Gain insight into what holds you back
* Recieve the blessings of your soul awakening
* Remember joy
* Open to allow your heart to speak loudly to you
* Live the miracle

Each tele-session includes a channeled message, with answers to peronalized questions.


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