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"We grow to understand that love is within us, flows through us and becomes us, but sometimes we are afraid to admit the truth of who we Truly are." --Carol Fitzpatrick

"The telesessions have made me feel like I belong when for so long I didn't really know how I did.  It is most invigorating to see that all of us have a role to play and that we're doing it together.  The individual stuff is wonderful but learning about the community and our common work is even better!"

"I love the open call format and found it incredibly helpful and on-point...so I vote for more of those!"

"Such amazing material.  The open calls have helped me with clarity but the topics -- especially the last series -- really helped me to link what I was feeling with the larger process of what is going on.  That's what I love about the telesessions -- the connection to the bigger picture and the recognition of all of the individual pieces that we carry.  The energetic support has been phenomenal!  The themes have helped to keep me more heart focused.  That's why I've really felt drawn to your talking about processes and global energetic shifts within certain time periods and windows of time during which work needs to be done. I like to see how I'm connected to the collective."  I




Talks on Personal and Global Ascension

All sessions are 60 - 75 minutes in length and include peer-to-peer sharing, question and answer following an introductory topic.

Private sessions are by appointment by calling: 540-785-7770 or sending an email.

About my gits and how I am called to serve:
Many people have asked me how I work. Some call me a psychic (I'm not) or a medium (most certainly not). I serve as a channel for the light beings, the star councils that guide humanity toward its higher purpose. By doing so, I connect in with and share messages from the angelic realms, ascended masters, the Elohim, and ancestors.

I serve by deeply listening to the energy patterns of the soul, the light being having the human experience, and share the frequencies in the form of consciousness from that higher perspective. What you are here to do, to create, to realize in your lifetime is what matters most. Your contribution, in the larger context of the global shift and how you best realize your own special brand of personal peace and happiness, is always the focus.

If you are finding yourself at a crossroads and wish to learn more, jump into a group session to experience the shift from mind to heart, or join a tele-session to gain insight into your life pattern. If feel that you need an exponential shift in awareness or clarification, schedule a private consultation / session. The retreat experience provides a deep immersion of all three rolled into one carthardic, exponential shift in consciousness with the benefit of your peers supporting you. Ongoing peer support is provided in the context of semi-private online list serves and a global network. For any and or all of the above, it is my calling and joy to be of service.

Private Sessions
are offered by appointment only. To schedule, please send me an email. I'll be happy to schedule an appointment.

offer an opportunity to recieve personal insights, and to share higher knowledge with others. Sessions are centered around particular topics and held within small group settings. Each session maintains a particular focus while remaining open to questions. Participants are encouraged to ask questions prior to the time of each call. Check the events page for the latest offerings.

Tele-sessions and Podcasts
Global Conversations
are talks that I give from time to time and on a variety of relevant topics related to personal transformation and global ascension. The conversations include guided imagery and activations that prepare us for impending shifts in consciousness. The information focuses on the larger global energy patterns in play, with topics shaped by the questions of those who participate. Global Conversations are scheduled periodically. Look for upcoming sessions in the events section of Light Streamings.

Anhoring into the New Earth Grid
January 12, 2012 Session ~

Sample Audio Files

Honoring of Self
Alchemy and the New Paradigm of Prosperity


SAMPLE TOPICS (check events for up-to-date sessions):
July 11: Mind verses Heart Choices: How to live in the world and also follow my heart.
July 16: Serving Children, Families, Community
July 18: The Environment: Changes and Roles in Service
July 24: Taking a walk into the Future
July 25: Path and Purpose: How do I know if I am living my life purpose? How do I keep on track?
July 31: Calling all New World leaders
Aug. 15: The New Paradigm of Prosperity
Aug. 22: Nutrition, Food Sources
Aug. 29: New Technologies for Healing
Sept. 5: The New Paradigm of Romantic Relationships
Sept. 12: Shaking Loose from Fear
Sept. 19: Deep Listening: Steps to Re-flowing Your Life NowOct. 3: How to Navigate through Chaos
Oct. 17: Skills for Deepening Intuition
Oct. 24: Nonlinear Time and 2012.
Nov. 7: The New Paradigm Prosperity II
Nov. 14: Tools for Transforming Your Future History
Dec. 5: Mystiscm: Waking up the the unseen mystery (exploring sacred geometry, lacremetre, flower of life, ancient secret rituals)
Dec. 11: Living in the Miracle—Introduction to the Series (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Dec. 12: Alchemy: Steps to remembering (how to transform anything, time-travel, magnetic resonances)
Dec. 19: Trusting the Knowing and the Accelerated Path


VISION: What's Your Calling?
The Star Cultures. Where do you come from, and what have you come here to learn?
Part 2: The Roles we Play. (practical application of the topic) share, dialog, deeper into the details of the learning
VISION: Putting Structure to the knowing (dialog, Q&A, getting more specific)
Soul Groups. What are they and what purpose do they serve? How do they weork and how do we ou rsoul group; what are the signs?
Color. Part I. The dynamics of color therapy, colors of food, ordination to life, use of color in healing, life choices in work, career path. How to use color as a tool for creating movement.
Color. Part II. The dynamics of color therapy, colors of food, ordination to life, use of color in healing, life choices in work, career path. How to use color as a tool for creating movement.
Part II. Includes check-in, Q&A, more specific channeled guidance.
What's Your Path? Part 1. The specifics of your own unique voice in the world. How to recognize the energy pattern of how you are to flow your energy with ease and grace into a life-choice, the steps and the outcome.
What is Your Path? Part 2. Facilitated dialog on flow. Exploring the real-life specifics of building your dream in 3D.
Your Collaborators. Part 1: New paradigm leaders coming together for mutual benefit and fulfillment of heart's desire. Everyone wins. How to idenitfy them, set up standards of fair trade with everyone prospering.
Your Collaborators. Part II: Facilitated dialog on new paradigm collaborations and ways to structure them.

Building in the New Paradigm - A 7-part Series
Are you called to step into a new creation but have no idea about how to go about it, or have a pretty good idea but could use some logistical and mentored support? If this fits where you are in life, join others who are being called to leave behind the old and to step into the new. 
This 7-part tele-series is designed to give you the energetic and logistical support to step into your vision of your heart's desire, and to make it real.
Join one or the entire series. Support includes small group learning by phone, and the opportunity to come togther in person over three all-day group  sessions.
1. Vision
2. What's Your Path?
3. Your Collaborators
4. Defining the Players
5. Get Ready for Lift-off
6. Building Momentum
7. Follow-through

Part I: Defining the Players. How to define your call to serve so that others will hear and see who you are. 
Part II: Defining the Players. How to define your call to serve so that others will hear and see who you are. 
Get Ready for Lift-off. Putting structure and energy to support the vision.
Part II: Get Ready for Lift-off. Putting structure and energy to support the vision
Part I. Building Momentum.  How to keep your creation moving, expanding, and morphing as you go; how much is to much, how much is too slow.
Part II. Building Momentum. Dialog, going deeper into the topic for personal growth.
Part 1. Follow-through. Now that you have fine tuned your desire, built your vision, how to keep it going in the direction of your highest expression.
Part II. Follow-through. Dialog, going deeper into the topic for personal growth.

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