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The Topics

"You will be waking up to a very different reality when approximately 15% of the world population comes into the frequency of 9.245 Mhz. This aligning will be a dramatic vibrational shift in all of humanity. We [the Angelic Realm] are adjoining with you en mass to cause a Grand Quickening in October 2008."

Excerpt from the Topics/Quickening



Mark Torgeson is a pianist and composer of music designed to awaken the human energy system. His music may be used for healing, transformation, and accessing states of high vibrational resonance.

To listen to a music sample! Compassion.


I want to say Thank You so much for such a rich and rewarding program you gave yesterday at the Festival.
Mark's music was extraordinary, following the sound vibrations of every word spoken with the accompaniment of notes that matched the feelings so harmoniously.  It deepened the meditations and the intent so beautifully and i felt it from every cell.  
Carol, the joy that you speak of is incredibly apparent in you.  You clearly are one that "walks the walk" of your teachings.   But even more, the light that you're channeling is visible. It was incredibly heartening to not only hear your words and Mark's music together, but also to be able to see AND feel the words, the vibrations and the intent. This is what makes your teachings together all the more inspiring.
I feel blessed to partake in your vibrational dance.    Rock On!
happy thoughts,  
S., Virginia, USA

Tools for Transforming Your Life and for Navigating the Waters of Change, 2012 and Beyond.

27 Topics

Global Shifts are happening on all levels: social, economic, geological and spiritual. An unprecedented acceleration of consciousness is happening, now, and people everywhere are embracing the changes or looking for a way to painlessly accomodate them.

Would you like to be a part of the solution to this new global awareness? How can you tell if you are swimming in the flow or moving upstream against the current? How does your individual creation affect the larger group dynamic? The topics, in both word and music are designed to open your heart, expand your mind and allow your light to more fully flow through all your creations.

About the Topics
During the better part of 2005, Carol Fitzpatrick and Mark Torgeson, while in high states of consciousness, received a series of twenty-seven topics designed to shift the energetic body and what the Guides call musicality, a form of rythms and tones designed to heal and transform the body. This 18-month long project culminated in the dissemination of a vast body of knowledge.

The Knowledge
The knowledge portion of the sessions were delivered as spoken discourses by a host of ascended masters and the Angelic Realms as a united voice, call forth vast global changes through the year of 2027 and beyond.

The knowledge gleaned from the topics serves as a virtual roadmap for liberating the soul's connection from deep within the physical constraints of the body, and prepares us for upcoming shifts in global consciousness. The information gleaned from this work is included in Carol's newest book, A Call to Remember.

About the Music
Knowledge feeds the mind but music opens the heart. Before each discourse, Mark would play the music of the topic. The music provides the vibrational support for soul activation through the specific vibrations that come through each musical topic. Music can both hasten the process of accelerated evolution, and gently shift one's subtle energy bodies (auric field) to process and assimilate those changes. Music is knowledge in musical form. It brings to us the multidimensional blueprints of consciousness beyond our present mental constructs. Intentionally created music can deliver a paradigm of being, feeling and action far beyond our ideas of who we are and of what we are capable.

It provides nourishment for the new operatiing system of the evolving body we are creating which will more adequately utilize the heightened energies of the planet. It provides a platform from which our awareness and vibratory patterning may launch into new and expanded states. And it can help heal the emotional and physical body of traumas via vibrational frequencies that bypass our present concepts of therapy.

Gain access to all the music: www.musicforplanetaryawakening.org.


Feeling out of sync physically?
Listen to topics 5, 9 and 11. These topics help one come to terms with illness.
Addressing issues of Karmic learning and ascension?
Topics 19, 20 and 21 bring your learning into perspective and clears the way for ascension.

Are you working through issues of fear?
Topics 1, 4 and 8 provide tones of fearlessness, provides inner tones of inner hearing (listening to that still small voice of the heart.)

Tones to prepare us for adjusting to the energetics of 2008 - 2012?
Listen to Topics 14, 15 and 18.

Still working on honoring your heart?
The first major gateway opened in Nov. 2006, and was all about making your choice to follow your heart. If you are still working through the adjustments and nuances of your choice, listen to Topic 5 (Compassion) and receive the encodings that provide you with the support you need to make your life transition seemlessly.

Learning more about the Topics

1. Peace
This highly refined frequency can be felt as you enter into the theta state and is felt as a deep sense of well being, a frame of mind, or reference, where the mind and the soul begin to merge. Humanity can begin to use this frequency to manifest and begin to transmute the lower vibrational frequencies of hate, malice and discontent.

2. Joy The transmutation of much hatred, sorrow and trepidation shall be transmuted by the many lightworkers who are adjoining with this complete and total alignment with Source, the light and vibrational frequency of 3.7.

3. Balance and Harmony It is now time to make your choice for your full and unadulterated freedom. During the second probability in October 2008 many will be transitioning out of the body; at that time you will be inwardly asked to make your choice. In February 2012 you will be passing through the Photon Belt into the very center of our universe of light (the Milky Way) and will be entering into a higher probable future than you are currently creating.

4. Freedom Freedom is an action verb, not a passive state of being. The feeling of Freedom is laced with the divine expression of God Love and Unconditional Acceptance. The Christ Consciousness is coming into this time of Mass Ascension and is wanting to energetically connect each and every individual on earth. Freedom is not something that we will obtain. Freedom to choose is something that comes naturally as we are detaching from any and all outcomes as we move through life. It's the inner resolve to be free that creates a sense of wellbeingness within us. Inside this topic of freedom you will find the inner pathways for creating a new reality. This reality is freedom.

5. Compassion Compassion for others cannot be realized without first having compassion for oneself. Each and every one of us have the ability and equal access to our compassion nature. Compassion is the active state of peacefulness. Compassion will become the driving force behind all of humanity as we begin to shift in consciousness.

6. Love Love is not something that we gain or lose, Love is the very foundation of who we are. It is the very foundation of the universe. Love is not that which we earn or feel - it is who we are. It is a state of resonance with our divine source and the very foundation of creation. It is Everything and All the points in between.

7. Truth helps you to identify your sense of peace and oneness. Humanity is always looking around at the very illusions that she has created. As you look around, and chase after worldy things, you are wanting. We [angels] do feel that your heart wants a very different world bu tbefore this can occur, all of humanity is to come to a conscious awareness of truth. You now have the foundational principal of love and as you are feeling this frequency, the truth shall set you free.

8. Chaos. Humanity's highest expression is to create mass chaos. The greater the chaos, the more profound the transformation. Without chaos, there can be no new order. Align with the feeling of love and peace and joy during times of mass chaos. You have created this manifestation; you will understand that the only way to turn is toward love and peace.

9. The Quickening Within each human life there exists a moment in time when the soul that inhabits the body is activated and becomes awakened. This awakened state cannot be realized through the mindful ways of creating. One must center the self in a positive direction then create from a place of peace. This form of peace knows no bounds. The boundaries of the mind are imaginary. The boundaries of the heart are limitless. Many souls have incarnated at this time in human history to awaken the human species. By awakening the mind, the heart can begin to open. The quickening that occurs is a process, not a happening. There will come a time when all of humanity will be called to make a choice for love, joy and peace. This time is fast approaching. [We angels encourage you to] go into the inner realities of your heart and know that all is well.

10. Magic We will be helping you to reexpress and reexperience this very nature of your human nature. During the Quickening you will be experiencing more Magic; your imagination will lead the way. Magic is the wonderment of the heart of love realized in human form.

11. Honor The very foundational frequency of honor is integrity. It is about standing in your light and knowing what you have come here to do. The very seed within you is honor and duty. You may not understand why you are here now but you have this very sensibility to help humanity. Peace of mind, sense of honor and integrity shall be your guide. Continue to align yourself with your very mission.

12. Wonderment As you begin to look at the world from the eyes of a child, with the innocence of your very own heart, you will begin to see and feel the grand wonder of the mosaic that will be formed as we (Angelic Realms), in orchestration with all of humanity, begin to create the thinning of the veil.

13. Transformation An exact blueprint of what you will be going through from 2005 - 2008 has been transmitted through this music. Transformation will be the net result of 2008. You are now positioning yourself for the realization of the rapture (a merging of your lower human nature with our higher self) in Oct. 2008. Many are preparing to transform or transition out of the body for this purpose. It is the very building process that shall take many away from this earth. All of humanity is now working to shift from 7.45 Mhz into the rotational cycle of the third probability (to transcend the self-distructive tendencies of our human nature). Begin to prepare for the transition of many souls who are preparing to leave the planet.

14. New World Consciousness (A message from the angels) There are many probable realities that humankind is working on now, but we are always creating with humanity. We are always working with humanity to create what we will call the third probability. After the transformational qualities have taken place, the year of 2012 will be the mile marker. You will be pulling together the very best of your imagination. You will be creating in the realm of new consciousness.

15. Grand Awakening (Angelic Beings speaking to us from their view of human nature). We are not here in the heavens above and you are not below. Your very conceptual framework of duality holds you earthbound. As you bring your conscious awareness together with love, with all of humankind, you will wake up one morning and realize that there is to be no more hatred, malice. It is not necessary to live out your earthly days in mix of mass consciousness. You are called to rise above the strife and chaos. You are called to be free.

16. Self Mastery (Ascended Masters) We are here to help humanity to understand that there are many masters, avatars, and others to help activate the light body. You will be discovering these keys through the Christ Consciousness that will be falling into place by October 2008. Self mastery is found inside your very own self. The very intonation and frequencies guiding you are to help you to create your life, and are a part of your very DNA. As you model yourself after the masters who are guiding you, you will trigger these awarenesses within you. As you listen to the music, and meditate, there are 32 key triggers to help you to align. You are to go inside and to get quiet. Allow, allow, allow.

17. Intergalactic Council of Twelve The very intergalactic nature of humanity will begin to activate to realize your very soul nature from 2005 - 2008. Humanity is ready to open to a different doorway of understanding. The human nature way will be wanting to shut down to reveal a different understanding altogether.

18. Solidarity Many of you have incarnated from the angelic realms and have come from a particular soul group to aide in humanity's ascension. As you open your heart, you will see and feel this enmeshment with you and oneness consciousness.This feeling of oneness holds a particular vibrational frequency of peace, but solidarity calls you to band together in quite a unique way. It will become necessary to create a feeling of harmony among the very dis-separate groups of people.

19. Clarity You will recognize as you bring clarity to your own heart, that as you are connecting with this feeling of your desire you will create in the context of a collective consciousness. We have brought this vibrational quality through the music. You have many levels and layers of consciousness within you, and as you recognize the feeling very deep within you, you will understand the corrective nature of the very dynamic of your choosing. And you will recognize the ramifications of your choosing. You will also understand the results of your choosing on all of humankind.

20. Allowance Your intellect is always wanting to think. But your heart centered way of being does allow the very higher frequencies of life force to come to you. Allowing sometimes feels opposite in feeling to your human nature. The human nature choice is coming from past programming and habit. It is easy to push your creation into the world this way, but the nature of allowing feels more like you are receiving a gift of love. As you are feeling allowing in your heart, you cannot understand this feeling with your mind. As you receive this with your heart you are creating a very different dynamic of your soul’s frequency coming into your physical creations.

21. The Rapture 6/27/05
When the soul and the personality part of the self meet, the lower aspect of self becomes consciously aware that he or she is the soul having a human experience. We are entering into a time where more and more people, everywhere, are waking up to realize this knowing. When they do, it changes everything about who they think they are and how they move through their world by opening their hearts to love and unconditional acceptance of self and others.

The music helps us to merge with the light the truth of we are. As you awaken to your life's purpose you will be seeing within your self what many of you are now experiencing: inner chaos. As you are seeing, feeling, learn to allow your heart to be your guide. You will be waking up to a very different reality when approximately 15% of the world population has moved through thi same process.  This aligning will cause a dramatic shift in the consciousness of humanity.  We [in the Angelic Realms] are adjoining with you to help humanity to quicken this process so that the others can experience this shift in consciousness as well.

22. Trust and Honor This music that has come through your DNA structures has helped you to remember what will be required in your earth plane shifting. These are the musical tones of 2008 - 2012. This time will require a significant degree of trust with the feeling of discernment. Discernment is the feeling of honor. Honoring of thyself. As you will be preparing your light body for this moment in human history, you will be practicing trust and honor. As you will be seeing the feelings all around you, your energy fields will open to release distortion from your second, third and fourth chakras. As you release distortion from your earthbound experiences, you will realize a greater degree of truth by honoring of yourself.

23. Critical Mass Your DNA matrix that allows you to create in the physical is beginning to shift. As you adjoin with the others in joy, this is the very causation of reaching critical mass, which will then cause a quickening of consciousness. You are called to come together as a race of nations. Most specifically, you will be creating a wave, a consciousness rising, to cover the forces of darkness (ignorance or unknowing). You will begin to understand the very feeling of these waves of consciousness. The many people who have come into alignment with their imagination will help to prepare the way for others to awaken to joy.

24. Reflection Reflection is that moment in time that you have intended that your life to be shifting into quite a different expression, where the laws of cause and effect begin to fall away entirely. The worlds in chich you are accustomed to creating in are beginning to split and to go into quite a different direction. You are given this moment of deciding, this time, to see what you are choosing.

25. Desire When you give up the notion of “going somewhere”, your desire is fully and completely in the realm of having already arrived. Your arrival is based on the feeling of freedom.

26. Transcendence This is the time of transcending human nature - to release and make peace with the emotional, physical and mental qualities that no longer bring you joy. For this purpose, you are here as leaders of new world consciousness to show and help the others find their way.

27. Grace As you flow your light into physical form, may grace be upon you. Everything within your grasp is at hand, and has been transmitted through these teachings and music. We have been giving you the information through the encodements.

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