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"We are all one united in love. As you identify with this inner feeling, know that we are here with you."

The Grid—What Unites Us also Awakens Us

by Carol Fitzpatrick

Question: I have a picture that I drew from something I saw. It is a picture of a sequence of squares, but they are only on the floor (it went as far as I could see), and all around (on the sides and above)was just emptiness, except for a metallic triangle that was floating above. Is this what everyone refers to as the grid?

Yes. It is interesting that you have out pictured your current positioning to the grid. You are seeing it from your vantage point of looking down below into the infinity of this one called, "Universal Whole" The triangular symbol above your head is the ray of light of which you shine. Your subconscious is saying that it is ok to be above the fray, but eventually you will come to a place where you feel safe now to immerse yourself into the physical expression of your vibrational frequency. It is called integration.
I believe that that is what we are all called to do, is to integrate the many soul fragments into one column of light. As we more fully integrate, we shall also more fully connect to the grid. The grid is all knowing, all seeing, and we are experiencing this feeling more and more each day, as we connect most expressly to the feeling of love that is most expansive yet most heartwarming.

The web is not around you, it IS you, You are it and it is you. It is the vibrational frequency of unconditional love and acceptance for all there is and will ever be. That is the closest feeling or emotion that I can describe it to be. In eastern cultures, they may call this residing in a state of bliss. I call it our base resonance; the feeling that we are all one and everyone.

As you connect more fully to the grid, without fear and trepidation, your hearing, seeing and being all that you are designed to be shall come more fully into focus.

The most amazing thing I have discovered is that the universal points along the grid that takes me into many sectors of the galaxy of light, also is a direct correspondence to the meridians in my physical body. Each are activated by a specific feeling. We can go and do and be anywhere when we are feeling this feeling of oneness.

There is nothing to be afraid of on this earth plane. I have found, and am still working on aspects of my own learning, that this is truth. As we walk our physical expression in life, we are being that which corresponds to whole groups, cultures, regions, countries and sectors of the galaxy. This is how the energetic shift will occur.

As we connect more fully the grid, it acts as a huge transformer of light wave frequency for the rest of humanity. As more and more of us shift, at some point, there shall be a quickening, and energetic quickening, and all of humanity shall also shift.

My inner guidance has given that we shall all shift together. There shall be no one who shall be left behind. No one person, animal or plant. It's all and everyone. This, to me, is our highest probability.

QUESTION: Can you share any insights you may have regarding inertia in these times of rapid transition, and particularly how to break through it. Of course I'm making efforts to do this on my own, but, like many others, undoubtedly, I'm evolving so quickly that my "life" has not yet caught up to where I'm at spiritually in terms of productivity. 

Guides: My dear ones, we are forever wishing for you to wake up to your divine essence and to know that you are no longer that which you are identifying with. We are not here to tell you that you may wish to remember your past regrets, hurts and slights with such valor and vim and vigor, but we are here to tell you that these are the very vibratory patternings that are causing you to feel the heaviness in the body and the mind. We are here now to instruct you as to how you may wish to release these feelings and be done with that which you are calling inertia. Inertia is an earthly term that dictates that for every action, there must be an equal reaction. This is in your mind and is not valid. It is a belief that is rooted in your science books from the third grade during the time of Newton and Einstein, astrologers like your Galileo. They are not to be remembered now because these were earlier gateways that were necessary only to root humanity in the feeling of expansiveness.

You have surpassed this feeling now long ago, yet you are feeling now that you must honor this belief as being one of truth. It is not.

The actual law of the universe called inertia in actuality is a propulsion concept and is rooted in fifth dimensionality. We are here now to release these feelings within you because you have now asked. It shall be received. Anyone who is also wishing to feel this release shall merely now tune in, so to speak.

You are to close your earthly eyes as you say the words, "I release this feeling of being stuck in the physical expression of my life."

"I release, I release. It is done."

Say it with conviction, silently to your Self, if you wish, or out loud in an expressive manner if you wish to root it deep within your conscious being.
You have merely to desire that your life now be different and it shall be. There is only one qualifier that we must articulate:

As you desire, and as you receive, intuitive direction in your place or center of your being, then you too shall honor that speaking and take action on your knowing. Without your action within the feeling of this knowing you shall experience more inertia and more and more until there is a feeling within you that shall say, "Enough. enough. I shall, I shall now hear and see and feel all that I am to be. I am a divine being of Light. I am and I shall be only that, and all of that.That I Am."


As I come out of this speaking, I feel a tremendous sense of relief and humor on the other side of the veil. It is as if our brethren are asking us to be simply who we are. It is as if a camel is trying to hide his huge hump on this back behind a small bush. In short, it is impossible.

We are merely now to wake up and to take actions based on our inner knowings and know that we shall not fail. There is to be no fear in following the inner voice of reason.

Each of us have been given enormously loving gifts of the heart. We are simply to be OK with all that is and do and be as we are stepping anew in the world as we are creating it daily, hourly, moment to moment.

Thanks so much for asking this question. I needed to hear just that.


The Grid of Light and World Change
We are divine beings of Light. This very simple fact or truth is one that jars even the most divine beings' logic in the mind of their reasoning, but we are here to tell you that you are not that which you are calling forward. You are thinking with your mind and are not moving into a light that equates with the earth's stratosphere. You are never to be alarmed at the aura of another, or to be taken by the trance like state of a snake who is about to swallow its prey. No.

Many beings of light believe that they are in fact, the mouse, or the prey, and do not realize that they are indeed the very snake of their desires. What does this mean?

We are all one and everyone yet there are those among us who ignite the passions of hate and violence against others for the sake of feeling superior to our brethren in the physical forms of life. They are not of the light that they can say that they are not of one heart and one mind with that which we are calling "belief." We are to understand that you, as a race of nations, have decided to divide and to control one another through the feeling of self-right-ousness.

How can one nation of people determine their fate as being one of controller and the other as being one of victim? Your human family is playing these dynamics out as we speak to prepare the mind to accept the illusions of the heart. You have become quite confused as to the notion of "equality." There are many millions of people now who are questioning this very idea of equality in their own lives.
What better way to bring about world change than to create a shift in consciousness on the global level? You are very smart in your awakened state, my dear ones, but are very passive in your sleepiness of heart.

We can never know the power of the wise ones who created this game of creation, but we are indeed the very beings of light who are wanting now for it to end.

"How can it end?" You may ask.

Yes. We wish for this question to be asked so that many others may wish to answer it in the same manner in which we may determine our fate as being one of freedom over the enslavement of our beliefs.

How can we determine our fate if we do not see and believe that we are all beings of Light who have come here to love one another as we have loved our creator in the heavens above.
What does this mean? "Heavens above."

So below your experience, there shall also be an "above" that you shall seek to find. This is not that we do not equate our feeling of heart to be less than or greater than that which created us, we are merely referring to that which is.

This feeling of creator is one of peace for some and longing for others. Once you define what is in your heart, you shall equate this feeling with your orientation to your life and how you wish to ascend.
We wish to tell you a story my dear ones, and it is one of grand celebration. Will you come play?
We are the divine masters who encircle the globe, who have come here because you have called us to you, my dear ones.

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