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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol

I have gained a great deal of insight and comfort from both her Light Streamings and global conversations. The information I received has calmed my anxiety about the future and given me more hope for a global society based on principles of love and peace where people work together instead of against each other.
—Donna, Haughton, LA.

Light Streamings has expanded my thinking allowing me to make positive changes, which has brought more joy into my life. I look forward to reading it each month. God bless.
—Linda, Santa Cruz, California

I’ve been on your mailing list now for years and I subscribe because I resonate so with everything you say. However, this newsletter is magnificent! I'm not even certain that I mentally understand parts of it, although I resonate with the vibrations in this message. I just wanted you to know how very much I do so appreciate you being a pure vessel. Thank you for sharing your light, it really helps me be clearer in my process of evolution.
—Elliscia, Richmond, Virginia

Thanks so much for Light Streamings. They have been instrumental in me shifting my focus and energies from the mundane to the bigger picture of love and joy. I think I needed an "attitude adjustment" and your correspondence brought my attention to that. I have made a conscious decision to claim my joy!
—Deborah, Fairfax, Virginia



The Essence of Health and Wellbeing

I once was reminded of the story of a little girl who walked down the road near her home expecting to see Santa Claus coming to pay her a fruitful visit. It didn’t matter that it was a hot August morning with the sun already beaming hot rays of heat onto her day: She just knew that magic could happen anytime she drew this wondrous feeling into her heart.

This story may sound like a metaphor for something larger or just a reminder of the many other childhood stories we have been known to tell our children. Either way there’s a teaching here—in the mind of a child anything is possible. To take this concept and begin to apply it to our adult way of creating, many have already discovered that just because you can’t see something doesn’t mean that it is not real.

Our minds are very powerful but, in growing numbers, we are discovering that the power of the heart is transformative, even in the most dire of situations, especially where health and wellbeing are concerned. I have come to realize that my heart is plugged into a more powerful magic than any conjured-up story of a man in a red suit bearing gifts on a hot summer day. And I have discovered that it is the same for everyone. Our hearts instinctually know that there is an inherent intelligence to life. This intelligence is what keeps us alive and makes us feel the vibrancy of “chi” or life force that flows through everything. It’s been called universal law because of its innate ability to seek balance in all things.

Long ago healers were considered mystics, miracle workers or faith healers. In some way they were, but in today’s world everything that we are experiencing can be described in more concrete terms. Today, healers are intuitive technicians who better understand universal law.

When two are more are gathered in Thy name

When it comes to bringing balance to anything or any given situation, especially when it comes to health and wellbeing, it takes two to effect change: the healer and the to be healed.

This two-some combination can take form as one person healing the Self or literally two people opening themselves to allow the flow of life to be restored. One witnesses or holds the truth for the other until the other can begin to see and feel the magic of flow for herself. Life is like that. We are here to help one another, and when one has lost her perspective, another steps forward to hold up the mirror of truth for the other to see.

The more attuned healers have learned to align with this powerful intelligence, then they simply get out of the way. They serve like a hollow reed, or channel, while this force passes through one to another seeking its rightful place to align the body, mind and spirit with its highest expression.

Simply stated, healing is nothing more than bringing the body back into balance. If we think about our body as vibration, it becomes easier to see how we can sometimes get out of balance. Since everything in the universe is vibration, we, as complex human beings, can learn to attune ourselves vibrationally by learning to listen to our bodies through the filter of our emotions.

The key to restoring health and wellbeing begins with the emotions.

I find, in my own life, this sense of wellbeing is directly tied to the feeling of mood that is fueled by emotion. When my emotions speak loudly to me, I have learned to pay attention and to allow whatever is speaking to me to find its voice, even when that voice is angry or vengeful, sorrowful or sitting in a state of self-pity. I have learned from my own life experiences that if I bottle-up my emotions or deny them an outlet they eventually find their voice somewhere in my body as discomfort or illness.

In my practice, I speak with many who are working to release old pent-up emotions. They have been holding onto them for so long that they have forgotten where they came from or what brought them on. They may not even realize that they have been carrying an old wounded part of themselves around and acting it out in present moment.

What might bring them to me is often very different than what they discover once they open to receive the greater understanding of the constriction that they have created.

By the time our emotions find their way into the body there is no going back. We subconsciously store old hurts, slights and traumas in our subconscious mind, and our subconscious mind uses the body as its storehouse. Emotion, just like everything else, is vibration and once vibration comes into the body it stays there until we tell it to go, to move or to transform into a different frequency.

Looking at emotion as vibration, we can imagine a body chock full of sadness. This may be a person that just can’t stand the thought of crying in front of others so she pushes that impulse down deep somewhere, so much so, that it becomes an automated response to life. Over time, she becomes so full of sadness that the body begins to respond in kind.

At first her body might simply become slow, sluggish, depressed. Later, the organs may respond to the depression or flare up as a result of hidden anger (depression is anger turned inward). The liver is famous for storing anger. The gallbladder may begin to shut down or the pancreas may stop secreting the proper amount of enzymes. Why? It’s all about vibration. The vibration of pent-up, stored emotion over time is now causing the imbalance in the body. Before you know it, a health crisis is in full swing and her focus moves entirely to the body for the sake of fixing the ailment while ignoring the root cause of the dis-ease.

I meet many people like this example in my practice, who have gone through one malady after another or perhaps one operation or another but who are still experiencing the same issues. The problem keeps moving from one area of the body to another.

Steps to Restoring Equilibrium

What is necessary prior to the time of the vibrations showing up as a physical ailment is to pay attention to your emotions and allow your emotions to flow. It is not necessary to create drama but that is what we do. The human nature part of ourselves is always reacting to the world around us. Some of us even create situations that call us to react. The drama queen or king part of ourselves is simply acting unconsciously and trying to get through life the very best it can. The sad part in all of this is that when we do react, the modern-day impulse is to deny or to stuff our emotions.

The solution is to stop the drama way of creating altogether and decide to live life in a way that is honoring of your heart. But when you do create the drama, know that your emotions need an outlet, and allow yourself to feel your way through the drama.

Many of us go round and round in circles until we have created such misery in our lives that the body becomes the focus, becomes that part of ourselves that feels small, insignificant, scared about what comes next. If we are choosing to surrender to the fear we are experiencing in our lives as a result of the drama, then how will the body respond? The body only does what our mind tells it to do as experienced through our emotions.

Changing your mind will change your life.

The mind acts as the gatekeeper for the physical body, and the body only does what the mind tells it to do. Now how can it be that we create our lives with our mind and at the end of the day say that we don’t know or understand why the body is doing this or moving that, or perhaps shutting down entirely? Many of us have paid so little attention to our emotions that we have forgotten to listen.

You can learn to listen but not through the filter of your mind. The mind is rooted in logic and lives in the world of “I should” and “I have to”. The mind is also programmed to maintain a stance of protection even when something you are doing is literally killing you.

You can learn to listen with your heart. The heart is directly tied into this universal force that seeks balance in all of creation. The heart kind of listening is much like a game of hide and seek. Your heart will inwardly seek out what you are wishing to find but with the intention of getting caught. Your heart seeks to open to the flow of love and loving of the Self. You are to know and to understand why you feel the way you do so that you can unlock the mysteries of your emotions.

As we imagine our world as a river of love, our first and foremost job is to keep our boat afloat in the river. Secondly, decide how we wish to go with the flow. Some may wish to flow like a leaf dancing along the surface, others like a sailboat gaining sail from the windy sky. Others may get stuck in the mud because they may have forgotten to close the hatch to the door that opens to the crashing crest of waves. Whatever your choice, it’s all a game of learning to listen to your heart. And when you do, you are more likely to sustain as sense of wellbeing.

When it comes to increasing the flow of vitality in your life just remember to: 1) allow all emotions to flow like a river, and 2) to honor yourself by listening to your heart.

Put into practice just these two things alone and you will find your way to wellness in times of sickness, and joy in times of inner turmoil. The emotional body is that part of us that is the first line of defense against any imbalance within us. Become an attentive listener and remember that, as you bask in the magic of going with the flow of love that you truly are, that all is well.

Carol Fitzpatrick is the author of Fear Not My Child, I Am  Here, a guidebook written for the practical mystic. In Fear Not, Carol shares her personal transformational journey to releasing fear and offers life-affirming strategies for shifting into joy and co-founder of Arayu, an educational vehicle for sharing higher learning and the musical encodings of joy.