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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol




Activating the Original DNA Patterns Within Us

NOTE: If you are ready this between now (2006 and 2012), you are one who will be teaching and helping the others to open to their hearts and to align with the very source of their soul’s creation. 2012 marks the time of the great quickening in global consciousness. Many will want to leave the body because they will not understand the enormous opportunity to remain steady in this physical plane while also ascending back through the portal of light that fully opens at that time. Allow this energy of activation to be your guide.


The inner realms of consciousness are not created to distort man’s true nature. The inner realms of reality cannot be reshaped in any way. The inner realities are within us. They are the original DNA patternings—patterns that are broken down into minute instructional sets. These patterns lay dormant until triggered by a particular sequence of vibrational tones. There are many qualities that band together within the context of these tonal sequences. And there are many tones that feel, to the human body, similar in sequence, but are not exactly neither the right pattern nor the right sequence.

Every soul has his or her pattern or way of awakening these tones. And every soul has an awareness that awakens or alerts the body-mind continuum through the channel of the imagination. The imagination is the free-form way that the soul is allowed to leave the body without having to physically transition out of form. The imagination is not to be mistaken for the heart. The heart is the receptor of the soul and is hard-wired to feel the flight and fancy of the imagination.

Once the imagination triggers the “feel good” vibes of the heart, the heart then triggers the body-mind continuum to sit up and take notice of the physical changes that begin occurring in the body. The mind cannot access the original DNA patterning but once the changes begin to occur, does begin to interpret the changes in the body on a psycho-emotional level.

There are many physical properties, which govern the awareness of the heart’s ability (through the channel of the imagination) to recognize the patterns that trigger a full-bodied recognition of the return to its original DNA-patterning. As you awaken to the truth of who you are, a signal, like a beacon in the night sky quietly sends a signal to open your heart. As you do your awareness is heightened, which then prompts you to take the steps to most assuredly find your way toward new emotional, mental, physical and spiritual terrain. This stepped up transition signals a new life path for many but with this awareness that has come from your imagination, your steps are fearless and rewarded by the exhilaration of following the original trajectory of the soul’s journey to return to oneness.

There are many people who will determine their path in this manner. As this way of awakening and returning to your original soul-path occurs in your life, you are not to worry, and you are not to doubt at all. All is well.