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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol



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August 2008

Transcending Racial Divide

We are at an extraordinary crossroads in our lives as we are playing human. Many of us have come to understand the peace that is required to remain fully present. The two-dimensional realities of life have never been closer together and yet so far afield.

There is one aspect of humanity that is creating the reality of oneness consciousness, and the other that is on the very edge of playing out a scenario of racial divide.

Racial divide is threatening to tear our human family apart, as one might say. But from a higher learning perspective, it is what is needed to clear oppression from the face of our human family.

The kind of racial divide I am talking about is between mind and heart, light being and body consciousness.

In our higher vibrational nature, this chaos is playing out as division between our innate wisdom and the desires of the mind to control our life circumstances.

In our lower nature, the schemes of win or lose will play out as have's and have-not's, division and subjugation of others.

The visions and knowings that I have been connecting with of late have been showing me that not only are we each at a crossroads, but our entire family of humanity has come to this choice point in the road of life.

What will we choose? Will we decide that hatred of the other is the only way to move through this period in time? Or will we decide that it is finally time to lay down our collective sword of division, and get on with the business of accepting that beneath the fear of the mind, we are all one light, one heart.

Many of us are playing out these choice points in our present moment. Questions like "Do I stay in the same joy, same oppressive, confining relationship or is it time for me to trust my heart's calling to be free?

"Am I to remain complacent about what is happening in my world, or am I to stand up and speak my truth?

"Am I to love and honor myself or continue to allow my desire for freedom, love, and acceptance of self to go unnoticed?" speak to this same divisional nature."

These are very basic quality of life questions for those of us who are working on the finer nuances of racial divide. But as you make a choice that is totally honoring of Self, and thereby honoring of others, you will be doing your part to shift the global consciousness away from oppression--the kind of oppression that pits one family member against the other.

And so shall it be.

We have an unprecedented opportunity before us to transcend our human nature all together and create a feeling nature of balance and harmony. What will you choose in your life choices? It takes great courage to make a different choice but in the end you'll be so glad you did.

In the month of August, there will be three additional waves of social, political and acts of reformation thrust upon the peoples of South Africa. These acts of reformation will cause the under current of self-hatred to rise above the strife and declare victory over its human faculty. South Africa leads the way in reformation. India, Pakistan, and Southern Iran will follow. It is a revolt against division as economic sanctions are lifted.

In the Western hemisphere, we will continue to define our lives by have's and have not's until such time as hatred rears its ugly head, and we are subjected to mass violence, and social upheaval. This social restructuring will take on acts of kindness in the face of adversity.

Brother will be pitted against brother but will walk away in disgust for the old and embrace the new. We, as a race of nations, will move through this six to nine year period untouched as we work together to build the new social, political and economic structures to support the growing masses that recognize the failed systems of governance, and call forth a better, more equitable way of living.

All is well.

~ Carol



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