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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol



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September 2008

Humility and the Courage to Listen

[On our way home from Colorado]
My heart is full with the promise and hope of tomorrow. These are the words that come to mind when I think of the remarkable people I have met on this trip. Our time in Colorado afforded us the opportunity to open up a new portal of light in such a way as to change the course of our collective future.

To my dismay, the question I found myself asking in the midst of experiencing profound waves of joyousness was this: How can four people coming together by a seemingly chance encounter change the course of the collective consciousness?

The answer from the Light Beings guiding us that particular evening was "pureness of heart." As these words flushed into my awareness, the knowing of how essential the stance of humility is to maintaining one's focus came rushing in. Humility is what aligns the soul with its higher incarnational path and allows room to witness life as the body consciousness struggles to make sense of life.

New portals are now being opened as we listen and honor the inner prompting to go, to be at a particular place in time. Whether it means that we are to get quiet in the privacy of our own backyards or travel thousands of miles to adjoin with people who are listening to the same inner calling to be there now, it's the ability to stay humble that allows us to clearly hear the calling of the soul as we listen ever so closely to the heart. That's what matters most.

And these portals of light may seem geographically related—and they are—but it's because the people in particular locations are ready to accept, to open and receive. As they do, individually and collectively, they become the place holders for others who are ready to step in to the portal with them, and to adjoin with this higher vibrational light.

I can't tell you just how important it is now, more than at any time in our lineage as souls having those remarkable human experiences, to remain focused as we hold our center, and see through the inner noise of the mind in order to make those heart-centered choices. These are the choices that always put us in the right place at the right time for creating these openings, to our delight and surprise.

The world of pain and anguish has always found its way into the world for the sake of teaching others valuable lessons around compassion, truth, justice and forgiveness among others. But our legacy as the light beings that first incarnated into human form is to transcend the cycles of violence brought on by oppression.

Our choice now is to be freed from these cycles of self-hatred and loathing by choosing to transcend them altogether. Liberation can be realized by making this one, singular choice to be free. As we do, we as a race of nations change absolutely everything about our world.

I have written these words so many times now that one would think that enough is enough. But the Light Beings tell me that we are almost there. We have almost reached the tipping point, and we are ready to amplify the force of light that we are to such a magnitude that the very primordial nature of the human species is about to radically shift.

Can you imagine it? All that love and joyousness you feel inside suddenly, spontaneously, most joyously manifesting as peaceful coalescence, collaboration, and innovation? We have witnessed the other way—the segregation, subjugation, and divisiveness—for so long that it is hard to trust. But trust is the only way to transform and transcend these lower vibrational cycles.

So back to my primary question: How can it be that four people coming together with purity of heart change the course of the collective consciousness? The simple answer is because we are ready. And so it is with each and every one of us. And so it is with you. When you are ready to listen, to shift your viewpoint or change the habitual way of being, you will.

No one else can do this for you or to you. No one. Only you.

Some of us may have to sink so far down into our own version of self-imposed oppression or violence, subjugation of self or others that we finally cry out for help.

And the help that has always been there for you on the ready will say, Yes. I am here. Take my hand. I will lead you out of the sadness, out of the pit of despair, out of the confusion. I will lead you home to truth, to peace and compassion. I will lead you home to joyousness. And so we go.

I have this choice to make the same as you. No one can know the what or why of my choice, the way that only you know YOU best.

However, the common denominator within each is courage.

Once you and I have identified the disparity between where we are and where we'd like to be, it's the kind of courage that gets us out of the mind, out of the ego, and into the heart that gets us there. Once we do, the rest is easy by comparison.

And that is how the light being that you are is changing the course of humanity...we are growing in number... one heart at a time.

Love, love, love thyself.

All is well.


Energetically, September will bring much in the way of change to your life. You will experience tumultuous times ahead but by the fall of 2009, you'll look back and realize that it all began with the choice(s) you set into motion as early as right now.

If you are fully in your heart as you make your choice, you will sail right on through your creation cycle, while others around you are grasping at straws, or having to change their course or regroup.

If you are being pushed or pulled apart in present moment, its best to take a break; step back and away from what you have created to gain perspective.

Allow your mind to settle before you push onward. If pushing at all is a part of your creation, stop and regroup.

Allowing is the way to create within the stillness of your very own heart. Allow your heart be guided by the forces of nature.

There is rhyme and reason for the flow that is coming into the planet now in waves.

These waves can be tsunamis at times. But even walls of energy find land at some point. Be in a position to allow-allow your heart to be your guide. You will find that as you do, the rest will feel like a flowing river of stillness by comparison.