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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol

I have gained a great deal of insight and comfort from both her Light Streamings and global conversations. The information I received has calmed my anxiety about the future and given me more hope for a global society based on principles of love and peace where people work together instead of against each other.
—Donna, Haughton, LA.

Light Streamings has expanded my thinking allowing me to make positive changes, which has brought more joy into my life. I look forward to reading it each month. God bless.
—Linda, Santa Cruz, California

I’ve been on your mailing list now for years and I subscribe because I resonate so with everything you say. However, this newsletter is magnificent! I'm not even certain that I mentally understand parts of it, although I resonate with the vibrations in this message. I just wanted you to know how very much I do so appreciate you being a pure vessel. Thank you for sharing your light, it really helps me be clearer in my process of evolution.
—Elliscia, Richmond, Virginia

Thanks so much for Light Streamings. They have been instrumental in me shifting my focus and energies from the mundane to the bigger picture of love and joy. I think I needed an "attitude adjustment" and your correspondence brought my attention to that. I have made a conscious decision to claim my joy!
—Deborah, Fairfax, Virginia



The Rapture

We have entered the tunnel. The light of the opening is just ahead. We can see it now. We are about to enter into a new time and space. Many of us still feel as though we are in the tunnel, but at least have a sense that the end is near-the end of chaos, confusion, dark heartedness, austerity. And some are thinking or guessing that this new light will bring us a new age, a renewed way of being. And we are ready.

No matter if you are guessing at your next evolution of soul or wanting life to be different, you can rest assured that the energetic tide is now shifting. With this shift, will come the waters of change unlike we have ever seen. It's a time, not of rebuilding, but one of tearing down the old structures, ideals, perceptions, beliefs, and beginning anew. Time for a fresh start.

The idea that we are about to come through the storm of chaos is a misnomer. Chaos is always within us if we are changing, expanding, growing.

But if we are standing clear of resisting the change, the kind of chaos you are bound to experience will be exhilarating, delightful, expansive even.

We have all heard the term, "What we resist persists." Well resistance to change is like that. The troubles we think we had before are nothing compared to what's on the horizon with yet more resistance. But take the resistance away and there you have it-growth beyond your wildest imagination. If you are holding onto even an inkling of expectation let it go. Give it all over to the light of God within and put your total trust in a higher power.
All is well is our best mantra during these times of radical change. All is well reminds us to let it go, to let all our worries, fears, and doubts go so that greater than equal amounts of love and joyousness can guide us. Like the wind blowing the sail hard like a hurricane force on a smooth glass-like lake, we are ready.

We are ready to realize our very own heart's desire to be free, to choose, to allow the Guide winds to blow us, to our destination without fear, without trepidation.

Joy, the kind of joy that comes with true optimism is what guides us now. As we see the light shining so brilliantly at the end of the tunnel ahead, we say thank you. All is well.

GUIDES: There are many among you who will deny your light three times before your faith will become the prodigal sons to return home. If you are pushing your gift of heart away, step back and away from the mind. Accept your heart. Listen carefully. Deny no more.

Q: How can we know our gift of heart?
A: By the quiet voice within. The voice that guides directs you to create the reality of oneness. All is well.

TOOL FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LIVING: See everything as a gift of heart and give thanks.

The Rapture According to the Guides
When the soul and the personality part of the self meet, the lower aspect of self becomes consciously aware that he or she is the soul having a human experience. We are entering into a time when more and more people, everywhere, are waking up to realize this knowing. When they do, it changes everything about who they think they are and how they move through their world by opening their hearts to love and unconditional acceptance of self and others.
      The music helps us to merge with the light of the truth of who we are. As you awaken to your life's purpose you will be seeing within yourself what many of you are now experiencing as inner chaos. As you are seeing and feeling chaos, learn to allow your heart to be your guide. You will be waking up to a very different reality when approximately 15% of the world population has moved through the same process. This aligning will cause a dramatic shift in the consciousness of humanity. We [in the Angelic Realms] are adjoining with you to help humanity to quicken this process so that the others can experience this shift in consciousness as well.

Listen to the Music of Rapture (topic 21):
There are no words to describe...

I don't even have words to fully describe what occurred at our first "Miracle" healing session except to say that grace was freely flowing that day. What a blessing to be among such gifted and willing souls. A clear pattern is emerging:  Whenever we come together with an open heart and trust this guided process, and one another, absolutely anything is possible.
      The music for planetary awakening plays a key role in the vibrational healing we do as a group. During our January session, we were guided to listen to Topics 7, 12 and 13: Truth, Wonderment and Transformation as we did our work.
      And true to form, it happen all over again. The very next week, we found ourselves in Falls Church, VA. The Guides and angels were in rare form. It was a powerful evening of transformation.