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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol

I have gained a great deal of insight and comfort from both her Light Streamings and global conversations. The information I received has calmed my anxiety about the future and given me more hope for a global society based on principles of love and peace where people work together instead of against each other.
—Donna, Haughton, LA.

Light Streamings has expanded my thinking allowing me to make positive changes, which has brought more joy into my life. I look forward to reading it each month. God bless.
—Linda, Santa Cruz, California

I’ve been on your mailing list now for years and I subscribe because I resonate so with everything you say. However, this newsletter is magnificent! I'm not even certain that I mentally understand parts of it, although I resonate with the vibrations in this message. I just wanted you to know how very much I do so appreciate you being a pure vessel. Thank you for sharing your light, it really helps me be clearer in my process of evolution.
—Elliscia, Richmond, Virginia

Thanks so much for Light Streamings. They have been instrumental in me shifting my focus and energies from the mundane to the bigger picture of love and joy. I think I needed an "attitude adjustment" and your correspondence brought my attention to that. I have made a conscious decision to claim my joy!
—Deborah, Fairfax, Virginia



Uniting as a Force of Light

"The time has come to unite as a force of light. We are here, now, just on the other side of your awareness. We are here to adjoin with you as a global force to create a reality of oneness consciousness. This new reality fuels the desire to be separate -- separate from strife, turmoil, and chaos that comes when systems crumble and begin to fall away. This new reality separates you from hatred of your people and unites you and all the dimensional realms in heart. Oneness consciousness cannot be realized by the taking up of arms to unite a divided race of nations. Oneness will only come about once you fully realize your own brand of freedom by being that.

"There are legions of star nations now gathered at the still point of the gateway of light that is about to open to include your planet. You will experience this portal, first, as a deep and abiding love, unconditional love. Anything at all that does not resonate with this vibrational frequency will be extracted from your human matrix. If you find that you are struggling at any time with maintaining your peace of mind, call upon us. We will help you by opening your human energy field just enough so that you can begin to feel the vibration of this new gateway.

"Many of you have been feeling this big shift in consciousness in your dreamings, your relationships and your physical bodies. Many of you who are serving as gatekeepers, activators, and waterbearers are feeling this energy shift more now than at any time in your recent history.

"As you move closer to the fall of 2008, you will experience the breaking apart of the many facets of our human matrix as you begin to fully merge with your divine matrix."

Thank you for allowing me to bring through this transmission. It is not unusual for me to connect with the Inter-galactic councils who are governing this earthen plane, but it is unusual to feel their presence so directly as I was receiving this transmission for this medium.

I find that the energy difference between this kind of direct speaking - from them through me as opposed to directly connecting to Source -  is quite taxing on the body. It's like amping up a car motor by pressing down on the gas pedal to go 120 mph while sitting in idle. There's tremendous power that flows forth but it is not necessarily the appropriate usage for a car sitting in the driveway.

Speaking of driveway. That's where many of us have been: Sitting in our own version of idle as enormous waves of energy have been pouring into our version of a vehicle - the human body.

There are times when I am grumpy, feeling heavy, cathartic, out of sorts, and just plain lazy. Then there are those times when I feel on fire with passion and connect the dots with such clarity that I have it all figured out. And I know that I am not alone.

This is the time, though, that this wobbling affect all gets turned on its head. As the earth moves through a starband (dense fields of electro-magnetic positively charged ionic particles) our bodies are feeling it.

The body's electro-magnetic field is the container that channels the subtle energy (life force or prana) that keeps our physical body alive, and the body is an organic part of earth. As an integral part of the earth, we have been reacting and adjusting to this new galactic terrain. And there is more: Even as we are almost through this starband, that positive charge is about to turn neutral. By the fall of 2008, we'll be in that total still point as the stargate fully opens.

Last month I spoke to you about the Rapture in terms of soul ascension. The description above provides you with the description of the physical terrain that is making all that happen. So, how does this shift in the earth's electro-magnetic field and your body affect you?

The stargate, as it actually opens, will feel like a floodgate of unconditional love. If you are residing in the stillness, it will feel totally exhilerating, illuminating, expansive, heart-stopping as you realize that your wildest anticipations of building those new paradigm structures of a unified family of humanity will be, by then, fully underway. If not, well just imagine, your reaction to 9/11, for instance, multiplied: Every lower emotional, mental and physical quality of thought will flood into your life like a Tsunami.

For those who have been emotionally thrashing about, the tide is turning and we can feel it. The last of the dark heartedness is leaving us now. And in its place is this knowing that all is truly well. With this knowing comes total focus and motivation to get the job done.

What job is this? Your heart's desire. If you have, as you have been going through this internal time of reorganization of your life - priorities, commitments, relationships, job and playtime - then what's coming will feel like a sky rocket taking off (as contrasted to sitting in idle).

And this skyrocket is your life - your passion for doing what you've come here to do. And lucky for you, you have stayed the course, honored your heart, and worked hard to let-go of all the heavy stuff.

If you have muddled your way through this process these past months, have no fear. You are not alone. You have all the support around you that you need. But in saying this, what some of us have done in increments, your letting go will, at times, feel as though your entire life is coming apart at the seams.

What we resist persists defines this period of time. To be true, we are all headed toward the eye of the needle; it's just a matter of how prepared you are to get through the center. What gets you through it is the stillness. We are headed back to center back home to oneness, and there is no better time to align than right now.

Here's what to expect over the next few weeks into mid- to late-April. Action! Motivation to shift, to change, and to create movement: The soul is calling it forth now as our physical world feels the affect of the inter-galactic vibrational shift.

Expect passion or despair to be the prevailing emotional qualities that fuel your creations. Life is becoming much more polarized now as we move closer toward that opening, so here we go! Are you ready?

Transformational tools and practices for moving into the stillness with ease and grace:
• Accept the change as it comes your way.
• Let-go of worry or doubt as you accept new opportunities.  Most of us have been calling forth-enormous hopes, dreams and desires, and this is the time to step out and take the required action. You are totally supported, especially now more than at any other time. Go for it!
• If emotion comes up, allow it to flush through you. Don't get confused, it's leaving you now. It may look the same, feel the same, but it really is leaving. Let it go with ease and grace.
• Keep your focus on the Self. If you are projecting your fears toward a target, see it for what it is: Fear.
• Express gratitude. That is the quickest way to shift your focus. Go away from what is wrong and go toward what is right about your life.
• Make no excuses for why you can't or are not doing it, just do.
• If you feel stuck, take a step, any action that feels better than where you are right now will create movement.
• Smile! You really are in the flow even if you feel you are the rock at the bottom of your river. It's all a matter of perspective. If you are moving toward your heart's desire, even as you are pushed along, you are flowing your light.

Transformational Tools excerpted from the book: A Call to Remember: Navigating the Waters of Change · A sacred call to wake-up and reclaim your power. Published by O-Books.

TOOL FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LIVING: Let go and allow grace to guide you. Follow the joy!