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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol



Unless we can hear each other singing and crying, unless we can comfort each other's failures and cheer each other's victories, we are missing out on the best that life has to offer. The only real action takes place on the bridge between people.

—Author Unknown



It takes an open heart to access the recesses of the mind, body connection. Our mind qualifies and quantifies our actions. The remembrances of pain and hardship run deep. The heart opens slowly for some, more quickly for others.

Acceptance requires much patience; courage must become the norm rather than the exception. The most difficult key to get to the heart of acceptance comes as we begin to recognize who we are. We are not the body, the mind. We are not the intellect. We are spiritual beings who are called to accept others as we learn to accept ourselves.

As we heed the call to transcend the cycle of fear, distrust and isolation, we are called to more freely express our heart's desire. When this sense of recognition occurs, we are moved to challenge our thought patterns. Our higher nature beckons us to align with love thus leaving strife ridden tendencies behind.

How does this occur? The process is simple but requires much courage. Love of self, love of others without regard to race, nationality, creed or circumstance is a way of being that is foreign to many who choose the comfort of strife.

Acceptance is an act of quiet understanding, thus allowing the feeling of struggle to wash over the heart without judgement—letting to go of the mind's way of holding onto the discomfort. By practicing acceptance, we are making a choice for freedom.

—Carol Fitzpatrick