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"We are here to be fully free from inner strife, turmoil, beset from our human experiences."
- Carol




Making the Choice for Joy

Many individuals feel they must prepare themselves for great trials, great change. This change can take the form of job or career, family choices, school, relationships falling outside the blood-related bonds of formal family structure. Many consider themselves blessed at this time just to be alive. It is an inexplicable feeling that transgresses thought or mindset.

What separates us also unites us as people. Many of us are aware of our inherent nature as spiritual beings, yet lower human tendencies creep into our behavior, our mindset. I was at once reminded of the presence of mind this lower human tendency took. It came in the guise of fear, fear so profound and over powering that it ruled my very existence for a time. The fear that poured forth from within me reflected back to me in many relationships around me.
the fear. The common denominator that allowed me the experience of self-expression through more positive means, began with my willingness to change. Even though I did not know what was before me, I decided fear just had to go—at whatever the personal cost.

Today, when stepping into a new experience, fear has a way of creeping into as subtle nuances of thought patterns. I identify the fear by a sense of trepidation with a reminder of past experiences. When this occurs, I am learning to recognize it for what it is—old patterning—and then release it. As I do this, a wave of recognition pours forth which then allows the joy of the present moment to be fully felt.

If you are currently experiencing the internal struggle of fear on any level, rest assured you are gripped by the pain of worry, doubt, indecision, remorse, regret. This is sometimes experienced as a sense of impending doom or deadening feeling in your gut—all feelings that divide and separate you from who you really are.

We are light beings of the highest order! Translation? We have the power to transcend fear and embrace our heart's desire.

If there is one thing I learned from being ruled by the monster feeling of fear is that no matter how powerful a hold it had over me, in the end, it was all illusion. The mind does that to us. The heart never fails to guide us when we are willing to listen. However, the trick to all this is most difficult at first, but very simple.

The key to unlocking the grip of fear is trust. If you are reading these words and are gripped by fear, I can believe that your trust in others, trust in your own inner guidance, has been broken somewhere along the way. The good news is that the breech can be repaired by allowing your spirit of self-discovery to lead the way.

And there's one more thing—it takes a willingness to change.

Change comes in all forms. You decide—pain or freedom; hardship or joy; misery or enlightenment. Once you choose—really make that choice to take action in earnest—your life will evolve into a journey of joy.

The choice to change only takes a moment but transforms a lifetime of struggle into a journey of profound learning.

Take it from one whose life was once totally overcome by fear. The gift of experiencing a profound sense of joy is unparalleled and within your grasp. It all begins with making that choice to change.


—Carol Fitzpatrick