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"We are never to underestimate the power of love to flow through even the most immobile reality creations.
Love is a powerful force because it is the very essence of who we are. Joy is the fuel. Love is the essence. Allow love to guide you in all matters of the heart and you will be led to joyful creations. Yes. It is that simple." - Carol


All as One

I was very blessed recently, when in the midst of writing a book and marketing proposal, I sent out a request for testimonials so that I might include a few in the package. What began as an instant response from a few within, literally a matter of minutes after hitting the send button, turned into a flood as hundreds flowed in over the new 48 hours. Needless to say, I was stunned, and totally humbled by the outpouring of sentiments. We, truly, are all One.

I just wanted to say congratulations on your graduation!! Go, girl!
Watching you work with guides was instructive for me and a privilege to see. But you are very clear on your transformation [to work in community] and I just thought I should send a note of support and hooray! and acknowledge it from my light center. It's big.Thanks for your example. I listen to my heart, but you remind me I need to sit with it more, listening longer. In universal love! —S.L. Canada


About the Work

Carol Fitzpatrick is at the cutting edge of human consciousness evolution, and her work deserves wide distribution. She offers clear, positive, and useful information and insights of practical relevance both for individual development and societal change. Her work is also unique among metaphysical texts, providing a distinct shift from channeled work of recent decades. Her current manuscript is also timely. I am confident it will find a wide audience.
—Mary Jane Banks, Washington, DC

Your channeled messages have been the ONE most important guiding line for me. The information was exactly what I needed to hear. You, your guides, angels, Beings of Light have lovingly pointed me in all the right directions to go with my work. Today, I am exactly where I need to be, and I know it because I recognize it is exactly what you told me in a channeling 2 years ago. What sticks most with me is this sentence: "Honour thyself at all times." How could I have forgotten this truth before? Thank you for reminding me of 'who I truly am'! Your work is a true blessing for Humanity.
—Manuela Kornatz, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Willingen, Germany

Carol Fitzpatrick has extraordinary gifts that she shares for the benefit of humankind. She dwells with the highest energies and bridges the worlds in a unique and profound way. She raises my vibration and gives wings to my world with the wisdom she transmits from the beyond. She brings peace and great joy to my heart. — Donna Gary, Washington, DC

Carol Fitzpatrick has "wowed" me over and over again with her intuition, compassion, and connection to Spirit during readings and workshops with her. She is a clear messenger and the most accurate clairvoyant I have ever been to in 35 years. Carol has touched my life and catapulted me toward my highest expression! For this I will be eternally grateful. Additionally, I have referred countless friends and family members who all have been amazed by her! I thank her each and every visit for being so good at what she does for the human race.
—Robyn, Reston, Virginia

It is a joy to personally experience the expanded LOVE vibration ever present in Carol’s work. Her intention and focus to bring deeper levels of joy into this earth plane create multifaceted opportunities for every person present in her company, whether in a group or personal session. Her willingness to be totally open to outcome and Higher guidance continues to make her a beacon of Light in this exciting time in the history of humanity. Thank you, Carol, for your perseverance and love for humanity.
—Joan, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Carol's insights have definitely challenged me to view my existence, my world and my relation to it from a completely different perspective. Once one is able to move beyond the blocks which the conscious mind uses against us as we move into deeper levels of awareness ... fear, hesitation, protestation, criticism, and presumption to name but a few, one finds the simplicity and truth behind Carol's teaching. Shift... walk in Joy!
—Cynthia, Ashburn, Virginia

I have felt unbelievably blessed to have Carol in my life. She is a wholly seer, capable of guiding and uplifting us into our highest expression of joy, helping us to maintain deep connection to Source. In a world that often looks to be doing otherwise, she speaks for the Real at the heart of All. My own capacity for joy and for spiritual seeing has opened significantly since working with Carol- she is a national treasure!
—Maureen Riley, Chicago, Illinois

I continue to admire Carol's dedication and commitment to speaking truth and standing firmly in her knowing.— Malia Scanlan, Washington, DC

Thank you so much for providing me with your beam of positive inspiration which I really appreciate these days.  You help to light the path and lighten the load when I become confused and emotionally over burdened by the earth world in which we live. 
—K.C., Virginia


Carol, I could never begin to tell you how you have helped me to grow into myself spiritually. Your energy is incredible and you have a wealth of knowledge to those of us who choose to listen. Your book is fabulous, as I could relate to so much of it. To know you is an honor.
—Namaste' Susan

Thank you so very much for the beautiful, heartfelt, humble narrative of your recent journey. I'm sure it will help everyone feel that they have great company in their ups and down and ins and outs on the life path. —Polly, Eugene, Oregon

I just finished Fear Not My Child and really enjoyed it. We speak the same language! I'm a reflexologist and am benefiting from the wisdom in your book, personally and professionally.

I have so embraced your book. I feel like I am not alone in my spiritual experience these past ten years. So much of what you have written parallels my life experiences.
—Stephanie, Richmond, Virginia


The information you conveyed to me really saved my life. You said a woman would come in as my hero, she did—a young new woman doctor. She ran a test, saw I was in great jeopardy and my life was at risk. I needed immediate intervention and she acted swiftly. You said that the woman was round or large, this doctor is pregnant.
You said in three weeks I would be dramatically improved. She will see me next week to follow up on the medication she gave which has not only saved my life, but taken down the dramatic pain that had me paralyzed and bedridden for over three years. The change now a week later is like night and day.
Bonnie, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Carol has been an invaluable friend on the path. She has clarified the confusing and her guidance has been unerring. —Evelyn, Richmond, Virginia

Carol has helped me to step into my Joy in all things and to follow my heart! It gave me the courage to move across country and to go more deeply into the process of healing and helping others. It has helped to create more love and peace in my life in all areas. —Wendy Flynn, Mount Shasta, California

Carol has opened my eyes to a wonderful world and a joyful way of being. Life is good! —Rachael Sand, Gaithersburg, Maryland

Carol has given me some of the clearest, most precise guidance I have ever received. What's more, that guidance calls forth the highest potential in me and inspires me to become all I can be. Carol is the example of how I want to be - fully connected to Spirit in each moment and living in the joy of fulfillment.
—Kathryn, Reston, Virginia

I was at the most difficult crossroads of my life when a dear friend suggested I call Carol for a reading. Since I wasn't a big fan of psychics I hesitated, but finally decided I would call. It was the best hour I ever spent and dramatically changed the course of my life. That was more than 2 years ago but I have never had one moment’s regret. Carol is truly in touch with the Universe while also having her feet firmly planted on the ground. She helped me immeasurably. —Julee Dennis, Austin, Texas

Carol Fitzpatrick has played an important role in my 'becoming'. My readings with her have shed further light on my life path and life purpose giving me the courage and the faith to persevere. Rarely does a day go by without some of her words popping into my consciousness at just the right moment in time. Her sharings are full of joy and heart-directed information, and I look forward to re-membering more and more, with her guidance and wisdom. —Mary Jo Bull, Fairfax, Virginia

My experience with Carol has been life changing. She was able to tap into my essence and give me the information that has created Thank you Carol and blessings on all the lives you touch.
—Tiffany Tatum, Sedona AZ

Carol's guidance is absolutely spot on. I walked away from her readings in a state of allowing, and was absolutely amazed at the unfolding of events exactly as her guidance said they would, right down to dates! But what's most special about Carol is her open, loving, compassionate heart. She is a gift and she shares her gift generously.
—Dana, Fredericksburg, Virginia

The simple truths that Carol speaks often bring tears to my eyes. My private readings with her have helped me through some very tough and emotional times, and I refer everyone I know to her group events. The personal success I enjoy today is largely in part to the work I've done as a result of Carol's counsel, and I have realized my piece in the greater puzzle of contributing to humanity. My dreams are coming true! — Amy Storm, D.Ay, CHC, CMT, Columbia, Maryland

Under the continuous gentle and loving teachi
ngs and guidance from Carol Fitzpatrick and her Guides, I have been growing and expanding from the sleeping Chrysalis state of yesterday toward the ultimate transformation into a beautiful butterfly. —Maureen W., Amelia, Virginia

I have been told by Carol to honor my heart’s desire by speaking my truth at all times. This I have done, and I have seen the dramatic change of unburdening my life and going forward with joy and ease. Carol’s words have been there to guide me, and I am grateful to her for her being the mirror I need to see more clearly where joy is waiting to come into my life at all times.
—T.C., Cape Cod, Main

Carol Fitzpatrick, quite simply, changed my life by opening my eyes to the universe and my heart to happiness. Sometimes it takes someone like Carol to wake you up to the fact that you deserve to have joy in your life and to let it happen. —Kathy, Vienna, Virginia

I had a private session with Carol when I was searching for a way to save a failing marriage, and for a way to wake my husband up to what is really important—our marriage and family. The things she told me to come sounded so bizarre that I almost threw the session tape away. But, many months later, things started to come true in a most amazing way. My feelings and life changed like a wall falling away, in a way I never imagined. I pulled the tape out and it was true to life. I called Carol again and my angels gave her messages of guidance...guiding me through a divorce, helping me to love myself and find true joy, and even to find the love of my life. I now have a new baby and marriage to the person I only dreamed could exist. I believe Carol helped me find my path of joy and that after learning to love myself, my future opened to me in the most amazing way. I am now living in joy and learning to listen to that voice inside myself that Carol brought out so clearly.
—Susan Baldridge, Midlothian, Virginia

The first time I experienced a workshop with Carol Fitzpatrick, I knew I had met someone special. She changed my world with her wisdom, insight, and gentle prodding to awaken to the fullness of who I am. Molly Rheinholtz, Spotsylvania, Virginia

Carol Fitzpatrick was a great inspiration of light in my life when there appeared to be very little light around at all. Attending Carol's workshops and personal sessions has opened my awareness and helped me to follow my highest path on this planet. Carol helped me to shift from my old way of being to my True Soul Purpose way of being and for that I am very grateful.
Todd, Mount Shasta, California

Carol was a birthday present to me about 4 years ago. Since then I have experienced her joy and light in the Circle of Light and many other things. She has definitely changed my direction and my insight with her many gifts. I continue to grow with her enlightened ways of speaking and teaching. Susan, Richmond, Virginia

When I attended a workshop and had several private sessions on the phone, I was facing some serious surgeries, as well as being quite sad from several life changes. Carol’s heart-felt, soft delivery of information spoke to my heart, and reminded me that facing whatever fears I had was workable and returning back to joy was just a matter of choice. What a loving and special person she is. Kathy Wachsman, Milwaukee, WI


Light Streamings

I have gained a great deal of insight and comfort from both her Light Streamings and global conversations. The information I received has calmed my anxiety about the future and given me more hope for a global society based on principles of love and peace where people work together instead of against each other.
—Donna, Haughton, LA.

Light Streamings has expanded my thinking allowing me to make positive changes, which has brought more joy into my life. I look forward to reading it each month. God bless.
—Linda, Santa Cruz, California

I’ve been on your mailing list now for years and I subscribe because I resonate so with everything you say. However, this newsletter is magnificent! I'm not even certain that I mentally understand parts of it, although I resonate with the vibrations in this message. I just wanted you to know how very much I do so appreciate you being a pure vessel. Thank you for sharing your light, it really helps me be clearer in my process of evolution.
—Elliscia, Richmond, Virginia

Thanks so much for Light Streamings. They have been instrumental in me shifting my focus and energies from the mundane to the bigger picture of love and joy. I think I needed an "attitude adjustment" and your correspondence brought my attention to that. I have made a conscious decision to claim my joy!
—Deborah, Fairfax, Virginia

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